25 Socially Awkward Mistakes That You Want To Avoid

Even the best of us can mess things up, especially when it comes to social situations. The truth is, however, that socially adjusted people tend to mess things up a little less than the rest of us. If you find yourself struggling in social situations, listen up because these are 25 Socially Awkward Mistakes That You Want To Avoid.


Labeling people

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As in, “that person is confident” or “that person is successful.” This is shooting yourself in the foot. All of us are everything to a certain extent, and most of us are hiding behind a facade. Always assume that everybody is just as vulnerable as you…because they are.


Not making eye contact

eyeSource: quora

This is something you just have to practice. Even confident people struggle with it.


Thinking you are the only one who messes up

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Everybody messes up and says awkward stuff. The key is to laugh it off and move on.


Skimping on hygiene

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If you don’t brush your teeth, bathe, keep your nails clean, wear clothes that fit you…people will automatically make assumptions about you, true or not. Do your best to set yourself up for success in social situations.


Making extremely niche references

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Keep it broad. It’s actually easier.

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