25 Socially Awkward Mistakes That You Want To Avoid

Even the best of us can mess things up, especially when it comes to social situations. The truth is, however, that socially adjusted people tend to mess things up a little less than the rest of us. If you find yourself struggling in social situations, listen up because these are 25 Socially Awkward Mistakes That You Want To Avoid.


Taking mistakes too seriously

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Most people will barely remember your name, much less what you said.

Note: the one thing they’ll definitely (subconsciously) remember is how well you listened.


Thinking that being an introvert means you are socially awkward

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Not at all. Being introverted just means that being around people for too long can drain your energy. And that’s fine. Some of the most socially adept people are introverts. Just make sure to get your alone time, and don’t be ashamed of it.


Not realizing that people want to like you

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We’ve already cleared up the whole nobody-likes-me thing, but did you know that people actually want to like you? You don’t have to impress them. They will most likely assume that you are a normal person.


Preparing for scenarios

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Don’t overthink stuff; just go with the flow. If you try to plan out what you’re going to say, it will probably mess you up in the end.


Thinking that extroverts are naturally socially adept

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Wrong again. A good example to illustrate this would be saying something socially unacceptable. If an introvert did this, they would most likely say sorry and be quiet. If an extrovert did this (just as likely, if not more so), they would probably keep saying things and just dig themselves deeper into a hole. Both can be equally socially awkward or socially adept.

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