25 Sneaky Lies You Were Told About Space

What would you do if we told you that you could be a victim of sneaky space lies? But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of us have been victims to wrong information when it comes to space. Our knowledge of the universe is changing so fast that even the smartest astronomers have to constantly keep up with the new information. It’s not easy. So how many of these space lies do you believe? Find out with these 25 sneaky lies you were told about space!

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Earth is a perfect sphere

earthSource: nasa.gov

Due to its spin, the Earth actually bulges at the equator.


Mercury is the hottest planet

transit of mercurySource: nasa.gov

You may be tempted to think that because it’s so close to the sun, Mercury must be the hottest planet in the Solar System. You’d be wrong though. Venus’s atmosphere ensures that its surface is on average 480 C (900 F) while Mercury’s surface averages 167 C (332 F).


The sun is a big ball of fire

sunSource: nasa.gov

Nope, there isn’t any fire in the sun. Fire requires oxygen and the sun is composed mostly of helium and hydrogen. In fact, the heat of the sun comes from something called nuclear fusion. The pressure and temperature in the sun’s core cause the hydrogen atoms to fuse together into helium atoms. This process gives off the intense heat and light of the sun.


The moon has a "dark side"

moonSource: nasa.gov

The dark side of the moon isn’t doused in perpetual blackness, but rather it is simply always facing away from us due to the rotation of both the moon and the Earth. A better name is “far side” of the moon. The only way to see this far side is by actually flying around the moon.


Pluto is a planet

plutoSource: nasa.gov

As we all know by now, Pluto used to be a planet. Sadly, that’s not the case anymore. It’s now considered a dwarf planet (thanks International Astronomical Union!). But why? Beyond Neptune is something called the Kuiper belt. This belt is basically a massive asteroid belt. While Pluto is one of the biggest objects in this belt, it’s not the most massive.

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