25 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Several studies have shown the things adults miss most from their childhoods. Among the highest choices are school holidays, birthday parties, and having your mom cooking healthy meals.

But something’s not right with this last result. Since when did we enjoy homemade, healthy cooking as kids?

Most of us were sweet-toothed kids and almost allergic to healthy foods such as veggies and fruits. On the other hand, our favorite candies were as important to our childhood as our favorite brand of beer is now.

This list of 25 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood will refresh your memory and help you remember how much you loved some foods.




Lunchables offered not one, not two, but 26 different varieties of meal combinations, including crackers, pizzas, chicken nuggets, small hot dogs, and small burgers.

This legendary snack created a new category of American foodstuff and continues to be an absolute favorite among kids and their parents.




Not just one, but two different amazing flavors of crunchy sugar in one adorable box? Life just couldn’t get much better than that. Especially if you were a geek at heart from a really young age.

Kids still love candy Nerds today.


Bagel Bites


Do you remember this jingle?

Pizza in the morning,

Pizza in the evenin’,

Pizza at suppertime!

When pizza’s on a bagel,

You can eat pizza anytime!

Just close your eyes for a minute and if Bagel Bites isn’t the first thing popping into your head, you probably didn’t do something right during your childhood!




In the early 1990s, Betty Crocker gave the world one of the most wonderful creations ever: Dunkaroos. They were the most amazing and tasty cookie snacks a child could behold.

They consisted of a snack-sized package containing ten small cookies that you could dunk into a minuscule coating of icing. It felt exactly like eating in a dream feels … unreal!


Fruit Gushers


Fruit Gushers, commonly known as Gushers, are fruity snacks in the shape of hexagonal pyramids, made primarily from sugar and fruit juice. But why did we call them gushers? It’s all about that “magic” bite.

See, when you bite into the snack, the liquid inside “gushes” out and the feeling of excitement you get is always the same, regardless of your age.

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