25 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Several studies have shown the things adults miss most from their childhoods. Among the highest choices are school holidays, birthday parties, and having your mom cooking healthy meals.

But something’s not right with this last result. Since when did we enjoy homemade, healthy cooking as kids?

Most of us were sweet-toothed kids and almost allergic to healthy foods such as veggies and fruits. On the other hand, our favorite candies were as important to our childhood as our favorite brand of beer is now.

This list of 25 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood will refresh your memory and help you remember how much you loved some foods.

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Spice Girls Chupa Chups


Regular Chupa Chups were pretty awesome and we all know that. However, back in the 1990s, nothing could beat the Spice Girls edition.

Complete with limited-edition photos inside the wrapper and 24 collectible stickers, those lollipops came out shortly after the best-selling girl group in history started dominating the music charts and became a bestseller too.


Butterfinger BB's


Starting in 1992, another form of Butterfinger bars was available called “BB’s.” They were roughly the size of marbles and were sold in bags (and even advertised in The Simpsons.)

They were discontinued in 2006, but three years later (thank God) the snack made a glorious comeback as Butterfinger Mini Bites.


Candy Necklace


There was a time that boys could wear girly necklaces without being bullied about it.

Well, as long as they were willing to share those colorful and delicious candy-necklaces with the bullies.


Pizzarias Pizza Chips


Kids from the ’80s used to eat this delicious snack while watching the new Twilight Zone episode on CBS Friday nights. The ’90s kids used to eat them while playing with a Game Boy.

Unfortunately, this generation of kids has to settle down with Pizza Pringles. If they only knew what they were missing!


Hubba Bubba


With the big bubblegum flavor of Hubba Bubba, you could literally practice for hours blowing the biggest bubbles ever.

Hubba Bubba turned 40 years old in 2019 and will most likely be around for another 40 years, if not more.

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