25 Smashing Places To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to celebrate. To help you out with that most important decision, we have compiled 25 smashing places to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Since (somewhat ironically) this is mainly an American Holiday, most of the places you’ll see come from America. However, there are some places that just might surprise you.


Well what are you waiting for? Read on and satisfy that curious itch.


Denver, Colorado

Denver, ColoradoImage by Larry Johnson CC License 2.0

For two festive filled days on every May, the people of Denver, Colorado celebrate Latino culture with their annual Cinco de Mayo festival, entitled “Celebrate Culture,” at Central Civic Park. This dynamic celebration is Family-friendly and includes a parade, green chili cook-off, chihuahua races and local and international talent performing on three separate stages.


Market Square, San Antonio, TX

Market Square, San Antonio, TXImage by David. CC License 2.0

Boasting of a large Mexican-American population it should come as no surprise that San Antonio would be one of the best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. San Antonio’s Market Square becomes the stage to a colossal party featuring music, Tex-Mex, folklorico dancing and more.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, CaliforniaImage via Wikipedia.org. CC License 3.0

Los Angeles boasts of having one of the largest Cinco De Mayo Celebration in the Country (which should not be surprising, c’mon it’s Los Angeles!) It all begins with their multi-day festival known as Fiesta Broadway (that’s right, MULTI-day…these people know how to party!) and ends at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument with Mexican flags, dancing, stories, and of course food.


San Diego, California

San Diego, CaliforniaImage from Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles is not the only place in California known for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. Enter San Diego’s Old Town festival. Heralded as the largest in Southern California, the Old Town festival is a two-day gathering that offers something for everyone, from interactive activities for kids to tequila sampling and ice cold cervezas for adults.


Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, MichiganImage from WIkipedia.org Public Domain

The most populous city in Michigan also hosts a Cinco de Mayo celebration complete with Cantina crawls, music and dancing.


Miami, Florida

Miami, FloridaImage from Pixabay. CCLicense public domain

Miami is known for being a party city, pair that with a perfect excuse for partying and you have Cinco de Mayo Miami Style. Though Miami lacks a defining festival for the day, it more than makes up for it via it’s outrageous amount of celebrations in the area. Furthermore, restaurants take this opportunity to offer cheap food, drink specials, freebies, and more.


Dolores Park, San Francisco

Dolores-ParkImage from WIkipedia.org CC License 3.0

Celebrating the best of Latin American and Mexican heritage, the day-long festival at Dolores Park has something for everyone. This alcohol free, family friendly festival is usually attended by more than 10,000 people who enjoy everything from plenty of food to live entertainment.


Portland, Oregon

Portland, OregonImage by Jeff Gunn. CC License 2.0

Surprised to find Portland on this list? Don’t be. Organized by the Guadalajara Sister City Association, Portland throws a mind-blowing Cinco de Mayo festival which includes everything from carnival rides, live butterfly exhibits, and even a genuine Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling match.


Reno, Nevada

Reno, NevadaImage by Ken Lund. CC License 2.0

Reno’s celebration focuses on mixing traditional forms of entertainment and a little bit of “new flare” with events such as Mexican wrestling, horse dancing, roller derby, and more.


St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, MinnesotaImage by Tony Webster. CC License 2.0

Minnesota is probably not what you had in mind when looking at best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but rest assured St. Paul’s District Del Sol on the West Side is the host of one of the nations best Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Highlights include a low-rider car show, live entertainment, a parade, and a 5K race.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaImage by Magnus Larsson. CC License 2.0

Though Vancouver isn’t particularly known for their Cinco de Mayo celebration, they do host a truly unique way of celebrating this festive event. Skydive Vancouver offers “Cinco de Mayo Boogie”, a fun event which includes organized skydives, mustache contest, tacos, and mojitos.


San Marco, Texas

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos TXImage by Stuart Seeger. CC license 2.0

San Marco celebrates their Cinco de Mayo with pageants, traditional dancing, a menudo cook-off contest (for all you chefs and food consumers out there), and even a parade.


Cinco De Mayo In New York City, NY

New York City, NYImage via Pixabay. (CC license 1.0 public domain)

New York is known for it’s diversity, and one of the many events that highlights this fact is the colorful and celebratory parade of Cinco de Mayo at Central Park West. Complete with mariachi music, colorful floats, dances, and of course margaritas (with dozens of NYC bars hosting epic pub crawls), you’re in for a massive celebration.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New MexicoImage by Ken Lund. CC License 2.0

Albuquerque is host to a Cinco de Mayo that lasts several days (so you better bring your A-game to hang with this party). Amidst gorgeous Spanish-style architecture, the festivities feature all sorts of unique activities including a hilarious Chihuahua race.


Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, MissouriImage via Wikipedia.org CC licences 3.0

Yet another surprising entry in this list. Kansas City chooses to celebrate their Cinco de Mayo with traditional music in Kaw Point Park, Dancing, and a cultural display in the Crown Center downtown.


London, England

LondonImage via Pixabay. (CC license 1.0 public domain)

On May 5th, one of the least likely places you’d probably expect to find a Cinco de Mayo celebration, transforms into a city wide appreciation of Mexican cuisine and a wide gamut of Cinco de Mayo parties. Mexican restaurants welcome eager patrons as they chow down on traditional dishes and after 11pm, London kicks it up a notch with clubs packed with young patrons.


Cinco de Mayo in Phoenix, Arizona

Downtown Phoenix at nightDowntown Phoenix at night (Image by George Miquilena via Wikipedia.org. CC license)

You won’t find just one Cinco de Mayo celebration in Phoenix but several…all over the city. Highlights include booths in downtown’s Patriot’s Square Park, a chihuahua race in Chandler, live performances in Scottsdale and more…


Cinco de Mayo in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Yoyogi Park, TokyoImage via Wikipedia.org CC licences 3.0

Did this entry just blow your mind? It did mine. Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park hosts a truly unique gem of a festival which houses everything from food to live entertainment. Unlike in the United States however, this celebration is not limited to just the Mexican culture, but rather the “Americas” which include North and South America.


Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, NebraskaImage via Wikipedia.org CC licences 3.0

Similar to other U.S. cities, Omaha offers a celebration coupled with parades, carnavals, and even the crowning of a Queen!


Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, HawaiiImage by Edmund Garman. CC License

Honolulu is already a paradise in it of itself, couple that with a free Cinco de Mayo block party featuring local dishes and live music; and you almost have the ingredients for heaven. What’s missing? You in it.


National Cinco De Mayo Festival, Washington, D.C.

Mexican Dance at the National Cinco de Mayo Festival In Washington D.C.Mexican Dance at the National Cinco de Mayo Festival In Washington D.C. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Washington, D.C. hosts the National Cinco de Mayo Festival in a celebration of not only Mexican culture, but the heritage of all of Latin America as well.


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IllinoisImage by Jamie McCaffrey. CC License

The third most populous city in the United States is host to one of the best parties on the block. Here you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo by participating in the annual Chicago Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl, or check out one of Chicago’s many Mexican eateries, and don’t forget about the annual parade on Sacramento Drive in Lawndale.


Windsor, Ontario. Canada

Windsor, Ontario. CanadaImage by Bernt Rostad. CC License

If you find yourself in the southermost city in Canada on this Cinco de Mayo you’re in luck! Windsor holds an “American-style ‘Cinco de Mayo Street Festival'” where Canadian pubs play Mexican music and serve Mexican food.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaImage by Fergus Tuomey. CC License

Aussies are always looking to have a good time and what better excuse than Cinco de Mayo. Hosting a gigantic Mexican festival each year, Brisbane welcomes Aussies and international travelers alike to enjoy Mexican burritos, Margaritas, and even some Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican hat dancing).


Puebla, Mexico

Puebla MexicoImage By Russ Bowling. CC License

Though not the official day of Mexico’s independence, May 5th became a symbol of Mexican pride and heritage thanks to Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza and his outnumbered soldiers. These brave fighters successfully defended the town of Puebla, Mexico against a larger French occupying force on May 5th 1862. Where better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo then where it all began?

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