25 Smartest Movie Villains Ever

Have you ever wondered who the smartest movie villains are? We’ve all seen the dumb brute villains with three brain cells unable to think through a wet paper bag. However, the intelligent villains are always a few steps ahead of the good guys, getting what they want, and usually winning in the end. Sometimes they win by changing the hero, proving a greater point, or achieving their overall goals. Either way, they don’t get there with their fists alone. Here are the 25 Smartest Movie Villains Ever.

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cloverfield lane howard

Howard in 10 Cloverfield Lane plans for everything before the apocalypse, building a bomb shelter with power, aquaponics, and supplies to last years. Controlling, creepy, and wildly intelligent, he keeps his two bunker mates under his thumb and a watchful eye. He even sniffs out their crafty plot to escape. His ultimate undoing is putting too much trust in Michelle.



age of ultron

Ultron, the artificially intelligent robot from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, had devised the perfect plan. He would drop a giant rock on top of the earth, putting an end to humanity and letting nature decide who lives and dies. Using Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as pawns, he craftily pitts the Avengers against each other to keep them busy while he works on his nefarious plans. For an all-knowing robot, Ultron is almost too fallible. Once again, he lets pride and arrogance get the better of him.



jigsaw saw

Jigsaw is a master craftsman of puzzles and games in the Saw series. He forces his victims to make seemingly impossible decisions. His dark and terrifying schemes send chills all over your flesh; his intellect fools you of his existence and where he might be within the puzzle. Another boogeyman type, Saw almost has no equal and always gets what he wants.


Darth Vader

darth vader

Who can contend with one of the biggest bads in the whole galaxy? Darth Vader’s strength usually lies within his incredible strength and control of the force but he can also construct his own evil plans when it’s required. In Empire Strikes Back, he deftly coerces Lando to trap Han, Leia, and the others while torturing them to lure Luke out of hiding. It all comes together without a hitch.


Roy (Aaron)


Aaron plays everyone, even the audience, like a fiddle in the movie Primal Fear. Pretending to be a helpless, innocent choir boy, he gradually reveals he has multiple personalities. One of his personalities (Roy) is much more violent and angry. Throughout the movie, Martin Vail, Aaron/Roy’s lawyer, tries to prove Roy is insane, and it works like magic for Roy. In the end, Vail realizes Roy was just putting on an elaborate show to get his desired outcome.

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