25 Smallest Dogs In The World

Are you thinking of getting a dog? If so, there are many things you should consider such as these 25 things you need to know before adopting a dog. One of the most important things is the size of your new dog. If you like big dogs and have enough space, time, and commitment to give them proper care and love, you could pick one of the larger dog breeds. However, if you live in a small apartment without a backyard, you should stick to small breeds. Today, we’re going to show you some of the smallest dogs in the world. Also known as teacup dog breeds, these dogs might stand just a few inches tall but what they lack in size, they make up for in cuteness. From Yorkshire terriers to Chihuahuas, these are the 25 smallest dogs in the world.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire_terrierSource: vetstreet.com

Weighing in just 1.8 – 3.2 kg (4 – 7 lb), the Yorkshire Terrier is classified as a toy breed but his personality is pure terrier. Spunky and smart, it loves to play, gets along well with cats, and has the ability to rule bigger family dogs with an iron paw. This amazing breed comes with one drawback though – its beautiful coat requires high maintenance, even if clipped short.


Toy Fox Terrier

Toy_fox_TerrierSource: mnn.com

A descendant of the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier has become its own breed, recognized by the AKC, as recently as in 2003. Highly energetic and intelligent, this tiny dog does well in obedience and agility competitions but it also makes a great pet for anyone who wants an active, trainable dog, small enough for apartment living.


Prague Ratter

Prague RatterSource: dogbreedinfo.com

Developed in Central Europe centuries ago in the Medieval Era, the Prague Ratter is often referred to as the smallest dog breed in the world. Usually weighing in just about 2 kg (4.4 lb), the Prague Ratter has an excellent sense of smell, which is why it was used for finding and killing rats. It is now prized for its lively nature and noble behavior.



PomeranianSource: petwave.com

Colloquially known as “Poms”, the Pomeranians have a long and interesting history as they are descendants of large sled dogs. As a result of long breeding though, they now belong among the smallest breeds in the world, reaching an average weight of just about 2.2 kg (5 lb). Poms love to be the center of attention and have been even known to behave mischievously in order to garner the coveted attention.


Toy Poodle

Toy_Puddle2Source: petwave.com

Just like their regularly sized relatives, Toys Poodles are known for unusual smartness, curiosity and playfulness. Although they might weigh just a few pounds, they are very courageous and alert, which also makes them great watchdogs. Toy Poodles can live as happily in a small apartment as they can in a large home with a yard.

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