25 Simple Ways To Be More Charismatic Than Your Friends

Charisma is what makes people likeable and appealing to others. It’s something most people crave yet few people have. We look up to charismatic people, such as leading politicians, business people, and community leaders. Charisma, an aura of sorts, derives from top-notch communication and interpersonal skills. Though these are commonly thought of to be static personality traits you’re born with or not, science has proven they can be learned! As a charismatic leader, you can even help those you work with to perform better and enjoy their work more. Here we teach you 25 easy steps you can take to be a more charismatic and likeable individual.

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Speak with your hands

Steve JobsSteve Jobs

Maybe it’s why Italian men are seen as suave, but there’s no doubt someone who talks with their hands appear to others as more confident, passionate, and knowledgeable.


Light touching

Bill ClintonBill Clinton

Touching can be a way to mildly flirt and show others warmth, and it doesn’t always have to mean romantically. Appropriate touching can make you both feel closer and, for those in the service industry, can earn you higher tips if done right.


Respect others

Pope Francis 2Pope Francis

Keep from knocking anyone down or elevating anyone on a pedestal. Regarding others as equals will lead others to see you as more humble and charismatic.



Neil Patrick Harris 2Neil Patrick Harris

It seems to be a common suggestion for bettering yourself these days, from speaking on the phone to interacting at the DMV. And it works. Smiling gives your voice more warmth and makes you seen more approachable and friendly.


Speak in a consistent tone

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill

Maintain a smooth speaking style without large changes of pitch, pauses, and umm’s. These all add variability to your speaking tone which shows uncertainty and lack of control. This works especially well when in a business setting or when presenting as people will see you as having stronger ideas.

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