25 Simple Tips To Help You Live An Exquisite Life

Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing every single day? The monotonous and repetitive routine of life can rob us of the thrill that life can truly be. However, we have the power to stop this travesty and start living a life with purpose, interest, and peace. These 25 Simple Tips To Help You Live An Exquisite Life will help you begin taking back control of a life that was always meant to be yours.

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Love to live


There is so much to do in this life. Don’t cramp yourself in a bottle of miraged-impossibilities. Rather, seek to do something that pushes your comfort zone (go bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing, camping in the woods, camping on a beach, etc.)


Be thankful for EVERYTHING


Look, life is not an entitlement. That mile-long list of things you feel are absolute rights and that you are entitled to needs to be thrown away. Rather, realize that everything you have is a gift and us such, it’s good manners to say thank you.


Avoid gossip


Why waste precious energy on “bad-mouthing” someone else? How does that make you any happier? Instead, try to bring something informative to a conversation where people will feel enriched.




No one is impressed with the fact that you have not slept for days. No only that, but the health consequences are scary and dire. Don’t do that to yourself! Try to get at least 6 hrs (preferably 7-8 hrs) of sleep everyday. Your mind, body, and yes even your soul, will thank you. (click on the image to see how bad sleep deprivation can actually be)


Own a rescued pet


There is something about saving the life of an innocent being that brings happiness to anyone’s life. Consider saving the life of a rescued animal and who knows, they could very well rescue yours.

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