25 Simple Tips To Help You Live An Exquisite Life

Posted by , Updated on January 18, 2024

Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing every single day? The monotonous and repetitive routine of life can rob us of the thrill that life can truly be. However, we have the power to stop this travesty and start living a life with purpose, interest, and peace. These 25 Simple Tips To Help You Live An Exquisite Life will help you begin taking back control of a life that was always meant to be yours.


Love to live


There is so much to do in this life. Don’t cramp yourself in a bottle of miraged-impossibilities. Rather, seek to do something that pushes your comfort zone (go bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing, camping in the woods, camping on a beach, etc.)


Be thankful for EVERYTHING


Look, life is not an entitlement. That mile-long list of things you feel are absolute rights and that you are entitled to needs to be thrown away. Rather, realize that everything you have is a gift and us such, it’s good manners to say thank you.


Avoid gossip


Why waste precious energy on “bad-mouthing” someone else? How does that make you any happier? Instead, try to bring something informative to a conversation where people will feel enriched.




No one is impressed with the fact that you have not slept for days. No only that, but the health consequences are scary and dire. Don’t do that to yourself! Try to get at least 6 hrs (preferably 7-8 hrs) of sleep everyday. Your mind, body, and yes even your soul, will thank you. (click on the image to see how bad sleep deprivation can actually be)


Own a rescued pet


There is something about saving the life of an innocent being that brings happiness to anyone’s life. Consider saving the life of a rescued animal and who knows, they could very well rescue yours.


Manage your attire


If you dress for success, you tend to be successful. Take care of your appearance. Not only does a good appearance tell the world that you value yourself, but more importantly, you tell yourself that you value yourself.


Take another step


Nothing lasts forever. Hard times come and go. So when you are tempted to give up, just take one more step, live one more day, breathe one more time. And you will see, that change, as gradual as a sunrise, will come before you even realize it.


Avoid things that are useless or ugly


Choose to surround yourself with good and beautiful things in anything and everything. Think about the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the art you collect, the books you read, etc.


Stay in touch with friends


Don’t let the hussle of society blind you from whats truly important. At the end of the day, your job won’t take care of you when you’re sick or hurting. But your friends will. So make time for those who truly have your best interest at heart.


Don't let others define you


So-and-so says you are this-and-that. Well, are you?! (The answer, by the way, is no). Only you know who you are. True, friends can sometimes point out our faults which makes us stronger people. But not even friends define who we are. Only you can define who you are. So don’t let what so-and-so said about your this-or-that, bring you down. Don’t let it! Eschew such foolishness!


Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6


There is great wisdom in experience and there’s great wisdom in innocence. Learn to reap from both.


Make it a goal to make someone smile


This does not mean you need to dress up in a clown suit and go parading about with bad puns. What it does mean is that there are many ways to make people smile. A good bear hug always makes me smile, but maybe you can write a “you’re amazing because…”letter to someone you know. Or, decide to buy someone flowers just to make their day. It’s even better if it’s anonymous with a “you’re amazing because…” letter attached to it.


Spend time getting to know yourself


It’s easy to want to be someone else. But don’t let that happen. Take a moment and look at the mirror. You see that person staring back? That’s you. You’re not (insert name), whoever that may be, no! You are you. And once you spend time getting to know how awesome you are, you wont want to be anyone else.


Surround yourself with humor


Do you have a favorite comedian? Be sure to check out his or her skits often. keep things and people that make you laugh close to you on a consistent basis.


Choose to be happy


When you face circumstances (Good or bad), you make a choice as to how these circumstances affect you. They’re not holding you hostage and forcing you to be sad, mad, or bitter. So, why indulge in them? Sure, life can be a prick sometimes, but that’s even more reason why you should choose to be happy. Choose to smile, laugh, and enjoy all that is good in spite of the temporary bad times.


Eschew hate


Ask yourself this and be honest. How have you harmed the person you hate so much? Your hate has caused them no harm, but it’s wrecking your peace, your mind, and even your physiology. Hate is just not worth it, so let it go. Forgive and live a life that’s free and absolutely awesome.




Go ahead and let your mind wander through the vast expanse of thought. Let your creativity fly and muse about anything and everything.


Laugh at yourself


Often! Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.


Know your limits


Don’t let your limits defeat you, but don’t be fooled into believing all limits are meant to be defeated. Know your limits. Know which boundaries are meant for good and which are meant to be broken.




Reading is to the mind as weights are to your muscles. Read things you enjoy and don’t be afraid of the big fat books. Here’s a goal for you. Every year, try to read one more book than you did last year.


Play games


Why is it that when we grow up, fun things become childish? Don’t let these silly labels hamper your enjoyment of something that makes you happy. Go ahead and grab that Supper Soaker and have a blast with family and friends. Heck, have a blast with total strangers if you must, just have a blast!


Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes a day


This is harder than it sounds, but if you make this a consistent habit, you will notice a big difference in the way you think and handle situations in your life.


Eschew negative thoughts


There are things you can control, and then there are things you cant. But thinking negatively won’t have any effect on either. Instead, accept things for what they are and move on.


Don't compare your life to others


You are unique and so is your life. Don’t waste precious time by comparing yourself to someone whom you are not.


Smile while you walk


Spend about about 30 minutes walking each day and smile as you walk. Not only will you be taking care of your body but the act of laughing in public will also train you to look at the mundane through the lenses of happiness.