25 Simple Things Smart People Do Everyday

Posted by , Updated on April 22, 2024

Do those with more achievements overshadow the rest of us who may be less accredited? Not at all. Intellectual prowess is not confined to formal education or individual experiences but is a combination of our learnings both from academic sources and real-life experiences. Intelligent individuals are focused and firm, continuously surpassing life’s challenges and carrying out a variety of simple tasks daily to maintain their dominance in their area of expertise. In this collection, we’ve identified 25 daily habits and social habits that smart people typically integrate into their routines.

Can you guess any of the items which will appear on this list? If you guessed that smart people never stop learning – whether it be reading books, attending seminars, or engaging in thoughtful discussions, you’d be right. But this list also includes a variety of other tactics which may not seem as obvious, from tuning out the voice in their heads (we all have it) to supporting others in their endeavors to pampering themselves. If you’re interested to include some of these in your daily life and boost your intelligence, check out this list of 25 Simple Things Smart People Do Everyday.


Smart people are fantastic thinkers. It's shocking how many people in today's world deny scientific or bona fide evidence of this or that phenomenon, clinging instead to their entrenched beliefs. Smart people use critical thinking and reasoning rather than assumptions to process the world around them.

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Life isn't all about work. Smart people know this and strive for a balance. One of the most important things smart people do daily is reward themselves. Whether it be as big as a Caribbean cruise or as small as an ice cream come, smart people reward themselves for doing good things.

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We all have that voice in our heads which tells us we're wrong, we're too foolish, or we're not good enough. Smart people recognize it's impossible to eliminate the voice entirely, so they focus on going with their gut feeling and reducing the importance they give to the small, nagging voice.

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Smart people have opinions - about everything. Even if they're not interested in the Kardashians or the politics of petroleum, smart people educate themselves about many different subjects and can easily have a conversation with anybody they meet - no matter how high- or low-brow.

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The smarter you are, the later you're likely to go to sleep each night. Going to bed and waking up later has been correlated with a higher IQ. Though there is not necessarily a causal link here, more intelligent people do generally prefer to burn the midnight oil.

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Smart people clearly connect actions and consequences. They evaluate their options rather than making impulsive decisions without regard for the result.

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It might seem like a good idea to quickly abandon a sinking ship, but smart people know that the ship might only have a small leak and can be salvaged. They practice persistence, knowing it normally gets tougher before it gets easier. Whereas other people may quit sooner along the way, smart people keep the faith and persevere.

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While it may seem building yourself up is the best way to advance in life, smart people focus on building others up as well. They improve the lives of others, knowing the better others are, the more they can help and boost them up.

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Modern day life is full of distractions. The demarcating line between intensely clever and only moderately clever people is how they deal with them. Intelligent people face a flurry of distractions daily but understand how to tune them out and focus on the important things.

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They fail - a lot. The best growth in life comes from our failures, and we can't fail if we don't try. Smart people are relentlessly experience-driven, trying different things and recognizing that failure is a natural part of life and growth.

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Smart people are smart enough to know they are not that smart. As the saying goes, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know." Smart people don't need to tout their knowledge and act like a know-it-all. They realize intelligence is better shown by the questions asked rather than the answers given.

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Since we can never have all the answers, smart people surround themselves with smart people - often ones who are even smarter than them. Look at Richard Branson or Steve Jobs; by surrounding themselves with clever people, they could trust their teams to make good decisions.

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It should be obvious that we should learn from our mistakes, but surprisingly, many people don't. Smart people identify every mistake as a learning opportunity and contemplate past decisions to make better future decisions.

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Everyday, this trend or that trend falls in or out of fashion. Smart people know it is unwise to follow the rising tide and instead keep away from fads.

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Besides surrounding themselves with other big brains, intelligent people learn from others' errors and heed their experience and advice. Life is too short for us to make the same mistakes, so it's best to avoid the same troubles others have already experienced.

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Just as clever people avoid mass trends, they also challenge easily accepted ways of thinking. They don't accept "common knowledge", bucking the societal trend of following the crowd. They know that "we do it this way because we've always done it this way" is a weak argument, and they often challenge the predominant public opinion.

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Smart people are consistently on time. While this may seem like an obvious point, consider this: whenever you're late to an appointment, it tells the other person your time is more important than theirs. Smart people know others remember how you treat them and always strive to be on time.

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Often times, the smarter you are, the more you hate yourself. It's not a bad thing, just more along the lines of "We're our own worst critic." Smart people judge themselves to no end, scrutinizing their choices with an intense magnifying glass.

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With the accelerated pace of change in today's world, sink or swim has become the name of the game. Smart people are daily adapters, changing themselves and their processes based on the present situations. They solve novel problems in creative ways, which makes them stand out.

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We're all biased towards other people; it's an unfortunate but innate human trait. Whether it be thinking somebody with spiked pink hair is less intelligent than the person next to them in a suit, we judge other people on superficial traits. Smart people know the message can be more important than the messenger and put aside their own feelings or assumptions about a person to focus on the potential learning opportunity.

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It might seem obvious that smart people have a lot to offer and thus should speak fast and act fast, but the opposite is true. Intelligent people know good decisions are made after careful consideration and that to say the best things, you don't have to say the most things. They slow down in life, enabling them to choose the best option.

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Smart people don’t rest on their laurels. They are aware enough to know one cannot remain smart forever without building their experience. Thus, smart people constantly search for new experiences and skills which will expand their horizons and teach them street smarts in addition to their book smarts.

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Smart people sometimes act dumb. While it may seem counter-intuitive, they know it's better to craft a strong strategy by observing other people and coming up with the best way to approach the situation.

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We all make important financial decisions each day - from deciding which hamburger to order to which part of the city we want to live in. Millions of people today are suffering in debt because they overspent their resources. Smart people know better, choosing to live within their means and resources.

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Every single minute of every single day of their lives, smart people are intensely curious. While curiosity may have killed the cat, it has provided the fuel of discovery for millennia. Smart people are open and aware of things they don't understand or find strange in the world, investigating them and finding out how and why they tick.

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