25 Simple Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


Do you consider yourself to be a science buff? If you do, then you’ll know that science doesn’t involve proving what works. It involves proving what doesn’t work. Known as the scientific method, we use it everyday. You start with a question like, “Will drinking milk make me sick?” Well, there’s only one way to find out. We create a hypothesis and test it. Did it make you sick? Let’s test another kind of milk. Scientists do this all the time. Some questions, however, are still elusive. Either they can’t be tested (metaphysical), or more testing needs to be done. These are 25 Simple Questions Science Still Can’t Answer.

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Will lab grown fish be a thing?

fishSource: businessinsider.com

And could it solve both world hunger and over-fishing? So far the answer seems promising, but we have to wait and see.


Will we ever be able to predict the future of economic and social systems?

economySource: wsj.com

In other words, will economists ever be able to accurately predict financial meltdowns? As of yet, an answer seems unlikely. (Despite what the media tries to tell us.)


Nature vs Nurture

childSource: psychologytoday.com

The age old debate of whether your upbringing or your environment influences you more just never seems to end.


What is life?

bacteriaSource: popularmechanics.com

We have several definitions, but how do you determine whether something is alive? Well, it’s surprisingly difficult. For example, at what point will computers become “alive”? Are viruses alive? Science still doesn’t have answers for this.


Will we ever successfully complete a brain transplant?

BrainSource: economist.com

We can replace your limbs, but how about your brain?

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