25 Simple Changes You can Make to Combat Climate Change

Scientists believe the earth began over 4.5 billion years ago. The third planet from the sun is currently the only astronomical object known to harbor intelligent life. For much of our planet’s history, its existence has continued unhindered by human activity.

Only toward the middle of the 20th century did the earth started to feel the negative effects of human activity. The earth’s climate has been changing at an alarming rate for the past one hundred years. The negative effects of global warming will destroy human life and prosperity. As a whole, we must alter the way we live our lives in order to combat climate change.

Sounds impossible? Well, simply tweaking a few aspects of your daily routine could have a positive effect on the earth’s atmosphere. If everyone joins together to make a change, the whole world could benefit from it.

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Recycling may seem like a modern concept. A majority of the public believe it started during the 1970s environmental movement. However, people have actually been recycling for thousands of years.

Recycling is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Yet, sadly, only around 34% of Americans actually participate in this eco-friendly activity. Let’s get with the act, shall we?


Manage Water Intake


To some people, clean water is a blessing. To others, it’s just another aspect of their everyday life. The amount of energy it takes to clean water varies from state to state. In California, it takes around 1,000 kWh of energy to treat 300,000 gallons.

Next time you leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes, try to remember how much energy goes into purifying it. Taking shorter showers, installing low-flow toilets, and fixing household leaks are all ways you can reduce your water intake.


Restore Old Furniture


Every year, an estimated 10 million tons of furniture is taken to landfills, according to Curbed. A good majority of that furniture could have been donated or even better, restored.

The good thing is that recently there has been a rise in restoring old furniture. Giving vintage objects a second life is a great way to combat climate change. Rustic furniture is also quite charming and can be a classic centerpiece in any home.


Wash Clothes with Cold Water


Some ways to combat global warming are harder than others. Changing a daily routine isn’t always easy. People get so used to doing something a certain way that it becomes a habit.

However, washing your clothes with cold water is one of the easiest ways to make a positive difference in the environment. Almost 90 percent of the energy used to wash clothes goes towards warming up water.


Switch to LED Lights

LED Lightshttps://www.curbed.com/2017/6/7/15749900/how-to-stop-climate-change-actions

As small and insignificant as a regular lightbulb may seem, one bulb can use up to 876 kWh of energy a year. Now multiply that number by 45, because that’s the average number of lightbulbs in a U.S. household.

Switching to LED lightbulbs can enormously affect climate change in a positive way. They have the ability to work in extreme temperatures and can save households hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity bill. 

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