25 Simple Changes You can Make to Combat Climate Change

Scientists believe the earth began over 4.5 billion years ago. The third planet from the sun is currently the only astronomical object known to harbor intelligent life. For much of our planet’s history, its existence has continued unhindered by human activity.

Only toward the middle of the 20th century did the earth started to feel the negative effects of human activity. The earth’s climate has been changing at an alarming rate for the past one hundred years. The negative effects of global warming will destroy human life and prosperity. As a whole, we must alter the way we live our lives in order to combat climate change.

Sounds impossible? Well, simply tweaking a few aspects of your daily routine could have a positive effect on the earth’s atmosphere. If everyone joins together to make a change, the whole world could benefit from it.

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Build a Downspout Planter Box


Philadelphian homeowners are lucky to have the opportunity to learn how to build their own downspout planter boxes for free. The plant boxes are created as an eco-friendly way to keep from flooding and capture rainwater.

An efficient planter is filled with a base layer of gravel to allow for drainage. The gravel is then topped with soil and native perennial vegetation that grows every spring.


Replace Your Air Filter


It is suggested that the average household, without any pets, should change their air filter every 90 days. A household with furry pets should try and change theirs every 60 days.

After a while, dust particles build up on the air ducts, which then causes the system to work even harder to improve the air quality. Dirty air filters are a huge waste in energy and money. 


Unplug Electronic Devices


Take a moment to look around you; how many appliances are plugged in that aren’t being used? Many people don’t realize that even if a device is off, it is still using energy.

Almost a quarter of all household energy consumption is wasted on appliances in idle power mode. Grouping your devices on one power strip can make it easier for you to turn them off and on at the same time.



Clean uphttps://defendourfuture.org/concerned-climate-change-heres-volunteer-summer/

One of the bests ways to give back to your community is by volunteering. Researchers have found that people who volunteer are happier and have higher self-confidence. Volunteering is also a wonderful activity that can help a family bond.

A quick Google search can provide you with local organizations that specifically work towards battling climate change. Whether you are picking up trash, planting trees, or simply helping spread the word, every action matters.


Start Composting


Compost is the process of decomposing organic matter. Sir Albert Howard, an English botanist, is considered the father of the organic method.

Some benefits of composting include rich soil – which helps to reduce plant diseases, reduction in the need for chemical fertilizers, and reduction in methane emissions from landfills. You can purchase your own kitchen compost waste collector for less than 30 dollars on Amazon.

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