25 Signs That Cats Are Taking Over The World (Dog Owners Beware)

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2016

The domestic cat has recently surpassed the dog as the most popular companion animal in Europe. Ease of care, ability to live in a small residence, and the capacity to cope with being left alone for long periods of time have been reported as reasons for this popularity. It is true many people nowadays prefer cats and consider them the most ideal pets, especially for owners who work long hours. This might sound ideal for both parties, especially traditionally “independent” cats, who, unlike dogs, do not need humans to feel safe and secure, but instead prefer to look after themselves according to a 2015 study. However, if you look closely at this cat independence, you might just notice somethings; signs that cats are taking over the world!

If you own a cat then you might have not noticed that your favorite pet is part of a dark plan that aims to help cats take over the world! How else do you explain the fact that they constantly watch your every move or that they have mysterious powers such as the ability to defy gravity? One human at a time; one dog at a time; their domination is becoming clearer every day. If you are a dog owner, beware of the plans they have for you and your beloved companion, because these plans are scary . . . very, very scary. Here are 25 signs that cats are taking over the world.


They will sleep wherever and whenever they want

Sleeping catImage via Flickr user: Domenico Salvagnin

They even sunbathe wherever and whenever they want

Image: pixabay.com Image: pixabay.com

They unashamedly take possession of your territory

Image: dailymail.co.uk.Image: dailymail.co.uk.

They are perfecting the art of teamwork

Image: YouTubeImage: YouTube

Alligators think twice before crossing their paths

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

They are becoming efficient escape artists

Cat escapingImage: slashgear.com

They are dominating our form of communication

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

They are well-trained ninja killers

Ninja catsImage: dailyfundose.com

And the scary part is that they keep improving their fighting skills

Image: pixabay.com Image: pixabay.com

They have become technologically advanced

Cat typing on laptopImage: madaboutmoggies.com

They have already conquered dogs

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Though cat’s haven’t conquered the world quite just yet, they have already conquered the internet.


They are more powerful then their size would have you believe

Image: Pixabay.com Image: Pixabay.com

They have hearts of steel (and cuddling is out of the question)

Image: Wikipedia Image: Wikipedia

They know how to hide

Image: commons.wikimedia.org Image: commons.wikimedia.org

And they can camouflage even better

11 wImage: Wikipedia

They will shock and surprise you when you least expect it

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

And they won’t show any mercy when they are in a power position

CatsImage: cattpix.com

They are masters of disguise

Image: Wikipedia Image: Wikipedia

And their reflexes and speed can be intimidating

cat reflexesImage: cattpix.com

Gravity doesn’t faze them

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

They have royal families as well

Royal catImage: wallpaperspoints.com

They can hypnotize even your most loyal friend

4. wImage: Wikipedia

And are always planning their next move

Cat thinkingImage: cattpix.com

Their plan for world dominiation is extensive (and destructive)

Image: Wikipedia Image: Wikipedia

Last but not least; they are constantly watching us

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

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