25 Short Funny Jokes Sure To Give You A Giggle

Sometimes you need a little chuckle, or you know someone who needs a little chuckle. Maybe you’re having a Monday; maybe you’re just sitting down with your coffee; or maybe you’re about to head off to another meeting that should’ve been an email. Whatever the case, here are 25 Short Funny Jokes Sure To Give You A Giggle.


My wife told me I had to stop acting like a flamingo. So I had to put my foot down.

American_Flamingo_-_Phoenicopterus_ruberSource: http://www.tickld.com

What's the best thing about Switzerland?

flagSource: http://www.distractify.com

I don’t know, but their flag is a huge plus.


My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.

wolf riding bikeSource: short-funny.com

What do you call a sleepwalking Nun?

nunSource: https://answersafrica.com

A roamin’ Catholic.


Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?

Flying-kangarooSource: http://www.short-funny.com

I have an EpiPen. My friend gave it to me when he was dying; it seemed very important to him that I have it.

Epi-PenSource: http://www.tickld.com/

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

BuddyChristSource: http://www.distractify.com

How did the hipster burn his mouth?

Pizza_with_pineappleSource: https://thoughtcatalog.com/

He ate the pizza before it was cool.


What do you call a bee who is having a bad hair day?

bumble beeSource: oatmeal.com

A frisbee!


A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, get out of here! We don’t serve mushrooms here.” Mushroom says, “why not? I’m a fungi!”

FungiSource: http://www.danoah.com/

What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo?

ZippoSource: http://www.tickld.com

One is really heavy, and the other is a little lighter.


Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection, except one. He's never gonna give you Up.

Rick_Astley_Tivoli_GardensSource: http://www.distractify.com

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common?

PoohBearSource: https://thoughtcatalog.com

Same middle name.


Why did the Stormtrooper buy an iPhone?

stormtrooperSource: https://answersafrica.com

He couldn’t find the Droid he was looking for.


What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?

IstherereallyadogSource: http://www.danoah.com

Someone who lays awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.


Wife says to her programmer husband, "Go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. If they have eggs, buy a dozen." Husband returns with 12 loaves of bread.

getadozenSource: http://www.tickld.com

My granddad has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the San Diego Zoo.

LionheartSource: http://www.distractify.com

Cole’s Law: Thinly Sliced Cabbage

ColeslawSource: https://thoughtcatalog.com

What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor?

meditationSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSM2kU6gNo8

Make me one with everything.


What's the difference between Game of Thrones and Twitter?

twitterSource: http://www.quickfunnyjokes.com

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters.


What do the movies Titanic and the Sixth Sense have in common?

Sunset_iceberg_2Source: http://www.tickld.com

Icy dead people.


I asked my North Korean friend how it was there. He said he couldn't complain.

KimSource: http://www.distractify.com

An atheist, a Crossfitter, and a vegan walk into a bar. I know because they told me.

crossfitSource: https://thoughtcatalog.com

A Liberal, a moderate, and a conservative walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey Mister Romney, what'll it be?"

Mitt_Romney_at_2012_CPACSource: https://answersafrica.com

My neighbor blamed my gravel for making him fall. But it was his dumb asphalt.

DumbAsphaltSource: http://laffgaff.com/

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