25 Shocking Moments in Disney Movies That Got a Little Too Dark

Do you have fond memories of watching Disney movies as a child? Did your eyes glisten as you watched the magic come alive on screen? Perhaps you knew all the song lyrics to The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.

You eagerly show these movies to your children, hoping that they will have the same experience that you did once upon a time. However, you notice things as an adult that perhaps you didn’t as a child. Here are 25 Shocking Moments in Disney Movies That Got a Little Too Dark

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Toy Story: Sid Torturing Toys


Toy Story tells the tale of what might happen if your childhood playthings come to life. It also reveals the darker side of children with the character of Sid, a pre-teen boy.

Sid takes pleasure in ripping toys apart and putting them together in disturbing ways. Case in point: the mechanical spider with the baby head. It’s no wonder we jump with joy when the toys get revenge on the tormentor.


Snow White: The Poison Apple

poison apple

Stepchildren and stepparents probably don’t always have the easiest relationship. But Snow White and the Evil Queen, without a doubt, have the most dysfunctional relationship.

In the movie, after being told by her magic mirror that Snow White was more beautiful than her, the queen falls into a jealous, murderous rage and tries to kill her innocent stepdaughter with a poisonous apple.


Beauty and the Beast: Monsieur D'Arque


Beauty and the Beast took the treatment of the mentally disabled and the conditions of sanitariums to another level. Not only did Monsieur D’Arque lock up people he thought was crazy for no reason, but he also got a perverted pleasure out of it.

When the main villain, Gaston, pays him to commit Belle’s father unless she marries him, D’Arque begins laughing and says, “I love it.” It makes one think twice before asking for help.


The Lion King: Scars Death


In just about every Disney movie, the main villain dies in a dramatic way. When Scar falls into a pit after he is defeated in a fight by his nephew Simba, he is then attacked and ripped apart by his cohorts, the hyenas.

Although we only see the death scene in shadows, it’s enough to implant the grizzly image in our heads.


Pinocchio: Fantasy Island


Imagine you’re a child and you hear about a place where you can do whatever you want. You can go to bed whenever you want. There are no rules.

Until you realize it’s all a ploy to turn you into a slave-driven donkey constantly being whipped and screamed at. Pinocchio was one of the first Disney cartoons to explore child trafficking.

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