25 Shocking McDonald’s Facts You’ll Want To Hear

It’s safe to say that McDonald’s is a worldwide phenomenon. Producing millions of burgers all over the world, it serves and employs more people than most countries have for populations. While it may produce joy and happiness for some people, its history, cooking practices, and food ingredients make it a prime target for controversy. Here are 25 Shocking McDonald’s Facts You’ll Want To Hear!

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McDonald's sells more than 75 hamburgers per second.

McDonald's_Double_Cheeseburger_(1)Source: https://www.reference.com

That comes out to roughly 6,000,000 million burgers every day and serves about 1 percent of the entire Earth’s population.


McDonald's is the largest distributor of toys.

Happy Meal ToysSource: https://www.fool.com

One might think Toys R Us, Hasbro, or another toy company would be the largest distributor of toys, but in fact, McDonald’s is with the sizable amount of Happy Meals they sell every day.


McDonald's owned Chipotle.

Chipotle_Brandon.jpegSource: http://www.businessinsider.com

Now a massive, popular brand among Millennials, Chipotle used to be owned by McDonald’s since they held 90% of their shares. However, in 2008 they decided to sell their shares in order to focus on their sole business. They’re probably regretting that now.


A man named Ronald MacDonald robbed a Wendy's.

Ronald_McDonald,_QuetzaltenangoSource: http://www.fosters.com

In a bit of shocking irony, a man named Ronald MacDonald in Manchester has been charged with stealing from a safe at a Wendy’s. It’s so surreal, we’re not totally sure how to feel about it.


McDonalds is never more than 115 miles away in America.

United States McdonaldsSource: http://www.datapointed.net.

If someone wanted to never see a McDonald’s again, the chances of doing so are very slim. With thousands of locations all over the place, on almost every corner, McDonald’s is never more than 115 miles away. There’s no escape.

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