25 Shocking Facts About Pollution

Let’s take a moment to reflect on a sad truth. Our planet and almost all animals and plants living on it are struggling with man-made pollution. The world pollution statistics are simply alarming! These horrible state of our planet is made tangible when we see revolting pictures of birds covered in oil, poisoned fish, trapped turtles, etc. You can’t help but feel sad at the mere sight of it all. On today’s list, we’re going to share with you facts about air pollution, facts about pollution in the ocean, and facts about about land pollution in order to show you a glimpse of the seriousness and scale of the problem. These are 25 shocking facts about pollution.

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We know massive deadly oil spills are created after tankers or drilling rigs have accidents but in fact, for every million tons of oil shipped, there is always one ton of oil spilled – without any accident.

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The only relatively clean place on Earth is Antarctica. The continent is protected by the Antarctic Treaty that prohibits military activities, mineral mining, nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal.


China is among the countries with highest air pollution in the world. Breathing air in Beijing, the country´s capital, increases the risk of lung cancer in the same way as smoking 21 cigarettes a day.

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Moreover, almost 700 million Chinese (about a half of the country´s population) have to drink contaminated water.

Water pollutionrt.com

Water pollution is even worse in India, where almost 80% of all urban waste is dumped into the river Ganges – the most sacred river to Hindus. The river is now also the place where poor Indians bury their deceased family members.

river Gangesblogs.reuters.com

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