25 Seemingly Innocent People Who Were Secretly Monsters

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How many people do you trust on a daily basis? We all want to give others the benefit of the doubt, believing at the core they’re basically good people. However, once in a while, we might run into a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a person who seems innocent but is secretly doing horrific things. Curious about a few examples? Here are 25 Seemingly Innocent People Who Were Secretly Monsters.

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John Feit

priest collarSource: http://people.com

In 1960, Catholic priests were much more revered than they are today, and you rarely spoke poorly of them. The thought of a priest murdering someone was out of the question. So, when Homecoming queen and Miss All South Texas Sweetheart, Irene Garza visited John Feit, the local priest, to make a confession and was never seen again, no one wanted to believe it was Feit. Her body was found days later in a canal. Despite failing a lie detector test and the evidence against him, the case went cold for fifty years. Now a seemingly innocent grandfather living in Phoenix, Feit was recently arrested for her murder after all these years.


Jane Toppan

Jane_ToppanSource: http://www.blumhouse.com

Jane Toppan was an unsuspected nurse just taking care of her patients in 19th century America. Except, when no one was around, she would do horrific experiments on them, giving them all kinds of opiates to see how their body would react. Gradually, she began murdering them. Right as they were on the cusp of death, she would have sex with them for the thrill of it. According to her own testimony, she killed 33 people.


Mark Berndt

Mark BerndtSource: http://www.nola.com

Mark Berndt was an elementary school teacher for 30 years in Los Angeles. No one had any idea what he was up to until a photo technician found blindfolded children appearing in Berndt’s photos. The technician quickly called the police. Later, they found a spoon with traces of his semen on it. The horrors continued to mount, and they determined that he was spoon-feeding semen-laced cookies to the blindfolded children. He’s faced 23 charges and plead guilty to all of them.


John Wesley Elkins

John Wesley ElkinsSource: http://www.asphistory.com/HTM/THECRIME.HTM

In 1889, eleven-year-old John Wesley Elkins was working the farm. His parents required him to take care of his infant step-sister, something he was angry about doing. Most people would consider a child of his age to be fairly innocent, but they’d be wrong about Elkins. While his father was sleeping, Elkins took a rifle and shot him in the head. He went to his room to reload, but when he went back to kill his step-mother, she was standing over his dead father’s body. He took a club and beat her continuously with it until she died; then he fed and dressed his sister and took her to his grandpa’s house. He claimed someone else had come to kill them, but of course, they determined he was the one that did it. At a young age, he served time in a maximum security prison.


Arthur Schirmer

Methodist_ChurchSource: http://www.cbsnews.com

Arthur Schirmer was a Pennsylvania Methodist pastor in 1999 when his wife was found at the bottom of a basement in a pool of her own blood, bludgeoned to death. He claimed to be out for a run when it happened, and the coroner never determined if it was an accident or not. However, in 2008, he was arrested for the murder of his second wife with a crowbar and the other investigation was re-opened. Already serving a life sentence, he was also given 40 years more for the murder of his first wife.

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