25 Scary Bridges You’ll Have To See To Believe

If you’re not afraid of heights, you have a sense of adventure, and you scoff in the face of danger then you may want to check out these 25 scary bridges you’ll have to see to believe.

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Trift Bridge - Switzerland

Trift Bridge - Switzerlandfarm4.staticflickr.com

This suspended bridge spans 170 meters in length, and is extremely unstable – probably owing to the fact that it took only 6 weeks to complete. Open only during the months of June and October, this bridge is known to swing wildly when windy, so it should only be crossed in clear weather. Brave hikers will be rewarded with an amazing view of the Swiss Alps, if they dare cross.


Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge - New Zealand

Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge - New Zealandwikimedia.org

As the birthplace of the world’s first commencial bungy site, the Kawarau Bridge is a pretty scary place to find yourself. This suspension bridge crosses the Kawarau River and hangs suspended some 43 meters (141 ft) above it. Hikers and bikers often cross this bridge as park of the Queenstown Trail, so if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to check it out.


Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge - South Korea

Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge - South Koreakorail.go.kr

Spanning 50 meters above the Daedunsan Provincial Park’s massive and foreboding ravine, the Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge makes its route up the mountain on a red staircase that’s very steep in many places. The bridge is park of a hike in the park and should only be attempted by those who enjoy an good adrenaline rush from time to time.


Hanging Bridge of Ghasa - Nepal

Hanging Bridge of Ghasa - Nepalblog-es.hostelbookers.com

Not only does this bridge look like an ancient, abandoned rollercoaster ride, the bridge is also used to move herds of animals constantly throughout the day. If you decide to cross this hair-raising bridge, be prepared to share the space (what little of it there is), with a myriad of creatures.


Monkey Bridges - Vietnam

Monkey Bridges - Vietnamwikimedia.org

Comprising a single bamboo log as a floor, and a single, unstable handrail, it would seem that only a monkey would be able to cross over the infamous Monkey bridges of Vietnam without taking a tumble. If you dare to try, come ready with your towel.

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