25 Scariest Sea Monsters You Didn’t Know Exist

Did you know that there are some scary creatures at the bottom of the ocean? It’s true, we know more about the universe that surrounds us than we do the oceans on our own planet. In fact, even to this day we’re discovering new creatures lurking in the depths where not even sunlight can penetrate. To be honest, some of these creatures are pretty creepy. These are the 25 Scariest Sea Monsters You Didn’t Know Exist!


Tongue-Eating Louse

Tongue-Eating LouseSource: nationalgeographic.com

We’ll start off with a bang. This terrifying creature enters a fish through its gills, eats its tongue, and then attaches itself to where the fish’s tongue used to be.



chimaeraSource: scientificamerican.com

Also known as a ratfish, spookfish, and ghost sharks, chimaeras are believed to be some of the oldest fish in existence. They live in extremely dark and deep water so running into one of these monsters is sure to give you nightmares. Just look at that face!


Frilled Shark

Frilled sharkSource: nationalgeographic.com

With triple pointed teeth, this deep sea shark could do some damage to anything it catches. Plus, it looks simply terrifying.


Terrible-claw lobster

terrible claw lobsterSource: yahoo.com

Discovered in 2007 off the coast of the Philippines, this lobster was very aptly named. Check out those claws! This dude could cut you up and saw you apart like a piece of cheese.


Water Bear

Water BearSource: scientificamerican.com

While most of the creatures on our list are rather large, these guys are tiny. Like…microscopic! What’s freaky about them is how durable they are…kind of like Twinkies. They can survive in almost any temperature and can survive without water for more than a decade!

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