25 Rules To Follow When Living With Roommates

At some point in our lives, it’s likely we will live with other adults in a roommate type situation. This is actually a really good thing, as roommates help you grow as a person and living with others reveals a lot about ourselves. However, things can also get frustrating at times as everyone comes in with different expectations. The very best advice is to not take things personally, and have frequent and open communication. After that, here are 25 Rules To Follow When Living With Roommates.

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Do not expect your roommates to either join you, or vanish, when you have friends over.

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Privacy is for your bedroom with the door closed. But you should probably mention it and make sure it’s okay before you have a bunch of people over, and having a full fledged party your roommate isn’t invited to kind of makes you a terrible person.


Don't get your feelings hurt if your roommate doesn't want to be your BFF.

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Being roommates doesn’t automatically mean being friends. Being roommates with your friend doesn’t mean they’re always going to want to include you in everything. Some people are college roommates and lifelong besties. Some people are roommates and then never speak again. Neither are wrong.


Take turns taking out the trash.

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Some people might not mind doing it, but absolutely no one enjoys doing it. As chores go, it stinks. Literally. If you haven’t taken in out in awhile, hint: it’s your turn.


Everyone takes care of their own pets.

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Walking, feeding, litter box, vacuuming up birdseed, cleaning out cages. Your roommate shouldn’t have to deal with grossness from your pet. And no getting a new pet unless the roommates are cool with it. Discussions should be had before hand, out of respect.


Send a postcard (or bring home a small present!) when you go on vacation.

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Unless you and your roommate(s) are very cold towards one another, everyone likes to know they’re thought about when you’re away.

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