25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You

“Will you marry me”. Probably one of the scariest phrases ever uttered by an individual. It’s a combination of words that carry with it the potential of a complete and devastating rejection, or the blissful agreement of an enduring union. So much goes into this phrase: buying a ring, getting parents agreement, arranging flash choreography (if you’re into big productions); but probably one of the most important details to this potentially magical moment is location. Not only does well planned and romantic environments help set the mood for a positive outcome, but it also makes this nerve wracking moment a little bit more bearable (and arguably more memorable). If you think about it, what does every lover wants his or her proposal to be? Romantic (which will hopefully result in a “Yes”)! Few things can help make this moment more romantic than location. So, from a glowing beach in the Maldives to a spectacular flower garden in the Netherlands, we bring you 25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You.

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On a gondola in Venice, Italy

VeniceImage: flickr.com

Nicknamed the “honeymoon city”, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. For ultimate romance, propose to your sweetheart while sailing on one of the local renowned gondolas.


In front of the Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic

Hluboka CastleImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Located in southern Czech Republic, the Hluboka Castle ranks among the most beautiful castles in Europe.


In Central Park, New York City, USA

Central ParkImage: commons.wikimedia.org

The Big Apple is not just about pompous skyscrapers and crowded tourist sites. Take your beloved to Central Park and propose on an isolated bridge.


Under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Eiffel TowerImage: flickr.com

An Eiffel Tower proposal might not be as original as some other tips on this list but it still works. Who could resist being proposed to under the iconic structure of the City of Lovers?


On the top of Trolltunga, Norway

TrolltungaImage: commons.wikimedia.org

If you prefer a natural background, take your partner to Norway and amaze them by proposing at the top of Trolltunga, a unique horizontal cliff overlooking lake Ringedalsvatnet.

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