25 Rom-Com Worthy Grand Gestures To Make You Swoon On Valentine’s Day

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. ” – Elinor Glyn

Everyone’s form of romance is different, though much of the population in Western Culture can be woo’d by something on this list. Romance, for the most part, takes planning, really knowing the person you’re intending to woo, and an utter lack of shame.  The guys and gals at the drugstore and localmart at 6pm on Valentine’s Day with bruised flowers and picked over cards? That’s not romance; that’s desperation and obligation. You can do better; you both deserve better. To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of 25 Rom-Com Worthy Grand Gestures To Make You Swoon On Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer: ANY romantic gesture from someone who either doesn’t know you at all, or has in any way (even gently or politely) indicated a lack of interest is STRAIGHT UP CREEPY. Don’t be creepy (this is for boys and girls and people who are neither and both).

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Give her a Library.

Austria_-_Admont_Abbey_Library_-_1326Source: Disney's Beauty & The Beast

You know what movie I’m talking about. You probably don’t have an enchanted castle lying around, BUT you might have a spare bedroom you can remodel for your sexy bibliophile. New paint, a nice made to look rustic floor, throw rug, even go crazy and get a faux fireplace, a wall of bookshelves, and a some cozy seating. Don’t have money or a spare room? Arrange for a free afternoon (if you have kids) a clean house, and a gift of a small pile of new books.


Surround them with their favorite flowers.

big-fish-daffodilsSource: Tim Burton's Masterpiece, Big Fish

Remember that moment in Big Fish when Sandy looked out her window and there was Ed, standing in a field of daffodils? It uh..got her attention. And think about the EFFORT that took! While it’s maybe not the best way to introduce yourself, it’s a swoon worthy moment sure to never be forgotten. Possibly more realistic option? Send a bouquet of his or her favorite flowers every day.


Demand they marry you before you're both hanged by Germans.

Hepburn_bogart_african_queenSource: The African Queen Image Source: en.wikipedia.org (public domain: published b/w 1923 & 1963)

While you may not be Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen, if you know your days (or minutes) are numbered, spend the time you have left wed to the one you love. On a more serious note, a terminal illness hasn’t stopped many couples from tying the knot, and it shouldn’t.  What more reason to squeeze as much happiness as possible out of your remaining days than to already know they’re numbered?


Convert to their religion.

church-cathedral-catholic-christianitySource: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Image Source: www.pexels.com (public domain)

Some people have religions they hold very dear and deeply, and they consider it a core facet of their personal identity, or it’s a vital part to their family and culture. If you aren’t one of these people (or hey, even if you are), and you’re in love with someone who is, consider joining their religion or joining their church. It’s a big way to show, “I’m in, for life. For this life with you, to raise our kids this way.” Before you scoff at the idea, keep in mind many people convert for love, so it’s not unheard of.


Stand outside his/her room with a boombox playing the magical, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel (or substitute whatever your song is).

sayanythingSource: Say Anything & https://www.yahoo.com/

When it came time for John Cusack to hold up the boombox in the scene, he originally didn’t want to do it – it seemed to “kowtowing” and “too subservient a move.” Well, yeah kids, that’s kind of the point. Sometimes being romantic means being humbled by something that’s greater than you are, and being willing to be made a fool out of. All the greatest romantics and romantic gestures get this – it’s not about you; it’s about them. This is why guys traditionally get on one knee when they propose, too. It’s the classic, “I’m here, humbly and unashamedly asking, Will you have me?”

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