25 Surprisingly Real Phobias That Actually Exist

The world is a scary place, and while we all have different things that we’re afraid of, when that fear induces extreme panic, it’s known as a phobia. Some phobias are actually quite understandable and have even aided humans in our survival. Then, there are others that seem strange or even unreasonable. From ebulliophobia (the fear of bubbles) to lepidopterophobia (the fear of butterflies), here are 25 Surprisingly Real Phobias That Actually Exist.

Fear of Opening Closets


Not exactly a word used in everyday conversation, the technical term for this fear is auchloclaustrophobia.


Fear of Sleeping in the Dark


According to various studies, nyctophobia affects more adults than one would think. If you are affected, be sure to buy a nightlight!


Fear of Long Words


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the ironic name for the fear of long words. The only time I can see this coming into play is during a spelling bee.


Fear of Dentists


As common as it is, this fear doesn’t come with a cool name. It’s just plain old dental phobia.


Fear of Butterflies


While arachnophobia (fear of spiders) makes sense to most people, lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies) is a bit more questionable.


Fear of Fire Escapes


Probably related to being afraid of heights, it should go without saying that this is not a good fear to have in the case of an emergency.


Fear of Standing on Glass Flooring


Another fear related to acrophobia (fear of heights), standing on glass flooring high above the city streets can give some people white knuckles.


Fear of Women/Men


Known as gynophobia, this phobia is for anyone who is afraid of women. Its counterpart (fear of men) is called androphobia.


Fear of Living on the Ground Floor


It may come as a surprise, but there are actually several phobias that contribute to having a fear of living on the ground floor. Everything from claustrophobia (due to fearing a building collapse) to agoraphobia (fear of all the people passing by) can be factors.


Fear of the Color Purple


If any of your friends are terrified of the color purple, make sure to let them know they’re not alone. It’s called porphyrophobia.


Fear of Being Judged


Sociaphobia is the fear of being judged in public, including while public speaking. Chances are, you are being judged, positively or negatively, everywhere you go, but most likely you won’t be called out on it, and if you are, it’s not going to kill you, maybe just trample on your ego.


Fear of Being out of Mobile Phone Coverage


Yes, it’s a real fear with a real name – nomophobia. Make sure you charge up your devices and stick close to a tower to avoid the panic that comes with this fear. 


Fear of Showers


Probably not the best fear to have in terms of hygiene, ablutophobia could probably cost you some friends. It’s also probably not a good idea to watch the movie, Psycho


Fear of Cockroaches


To someone with katsaridaphobia, this fear might be quite reasonable? Those little monsters have managed to live through nearly every major catastrophe to befall the planet since the beginning of time. However, are they worth the intense fear that is felt from having a phobia? Probably not.


Fear of Walking Down Stairs


Another fear related to acrophobia (fear of heights), if you have this phobia, you’d better live on the first floor of your home or apartment and make sure that you don’t also have a fear of elevators. 


Fear of Bubbles


Many of the fears on this list are of harmless creatures or objects, but ebulliophobia, the fear of bubbles, has to be the most harmless of all.


Fear of Large Sewer Rat in the Toilet


While there’s no official name for this fear (toilet rat phobia?), a quick Google search will confirm that it is actually quite a common one.


Fear of Open Spaces and Crowds


Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces or large crowds. While this can sometimes relate to other fears, such as claustrophobia, being afraid of the outside for no reason can cause you to lead a very limiting life.


Terrified of Driving or Walking under Bridges


Gephyrophobia is the fear or anxiety induced by bridges. Considering how many millions of people cross over and under bridges each day, the chances of an incident is too low to worry about. 


Fear of Death


While you might think wonder if this phobia is all that strange, if you consider the fact that death is an inevitable part of life, it is easier to see why fearing death may seem almost unreasonable.


Fear of Spontaneously Combusting


Probably one of the most unreasonable fears on this list, there isn’t even one scientifically confirmed case of spontaneous combustion in human history to worry about it happening to you.


Fear of Thinking Out Loud


How can you turn off your thoughts to avoid saying something embarrassing out loud? You can’t, but it doesn’t stop those who suffer from a form of phonophobia, or the fear of one’s own voice, from trying.


Fear of Physical Deformity


If you are a professional athlete, thrill seeker, or fire fighter, this fear may not be that unreasonable. For the rest of us, though, its probability is low and its cause is usually unavoidable to worry about it nonstop.


Fear of Bumps on the Body


Probably a form of hypochondria (constant anxiety about your health), this fear may actually be useful when it comes to detecting cancer and other diseases, but it can also lead to a lot of undue stress when every sore and insect bite is treated like the plague.


Fear of Stepping Inside an Elevator


Whether it stems from claustrophobia, acrophobia, or any number of other phobias, there are a lot of ways to be afraid of elevators. But, really, how often do you hear about people meeting their demise because of an unfortunate elevator incident?

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