25 Ridiculously Cool Concept Yachts

Every year at yacht shows around the world new, edgy concepts are released as enthusiasts, designers, and people with really deep pockets look on hoping to catch a glimpse of something that stirs their souls. Unfortunately, just like in our list of 25 of the world’s coolest concept cars, most of these models will never make it too market. Even if they don’t though, they’re at least fun to look at and in the worst case scenario you’ll still end up with a  list of 25 ridiculously cool concept yachts.




When Schopfer Yachts envisioned the Infinitas they quite literally decided to create a beast. With a hull design based on the skull of an animal, this mega yacht comes fully equipped with a helipad, elevator, and semi-enclosed swimming pool.


The Flying Yacht


French designer Yelken Octuri (he also makes Airbus cabins) decided to take us back in time with a bit of old school Wright Brothers influence on his latest concept yacht. And while most of the crazier designs on this list will never enter into the actual production phase, Octuri’s has already had some offers.


The Devenport

The Devenportbornrich.com

The sleek design isn’t the only cool thing about this high tech yacht. It also has an indoor pool, drive-in garage, and even a night club.


Emax Excalibur

Emax Excaliburyankodesign.com

That black checkered out layer you see in the picture is a photo-voltaic exoskeleton that can gather enough energy in one year to offset 3,000 nautical miles. That’s pretty good for the world’s first carbon neutral yacht.


PJ World Yacht

The World Yachtpalmerjohson.com

While it may not be as cool looking as the futuristic Infinitas (#20), the Palmer Johnson World Yacht certainly makes up for it in other ways as it comes equipped with a gym, movie theater, spa, pool, and even death traps for pirates. Okay, maybe not death traps but it does have a super advanced security system.

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