25 Ridiculous Rich People Problems You Wish You Had

Posted by , Updated on April 22, 2024

An ancient wise man once said, “The more money, the more problems.” Fascinatingly, these problems experienced by the wealthy can appear somewhat ridiculous at times. Meanwhile, the average person grapples with ensuring a basic livelihood, praying to bypass homelessness, hunger, or financial collapse, whereas the affluent face unique predicaments such as choosing a landing spot for their private helicopter. These are situations that can often make us snigger, despite the hidden envy that might lurk within us. Curious about the daily struggles of the rich? Here are 25 Ridiculous Rich-people Problems We All Secretly Desire.


Helicopter problems are a real struggle.

yacht helicopterSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/308004062000153107/

One Redditor's boss complained about her rich problems and warned, "Don't own too much land and property, it's just a hassle."

landSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

Physical buttons are too low class for rich people...who can have a computer instead.

elevtor reboot

Paul Allen couldn't land his helicopter on his property, so he built a boat helipad and claimed a chunk of Lake Washington as his own.

boat helipadSource: http://archive.seattleweekly.com/2007-09-05/news/paul-allen-accused-of-treating-lake-washington-as-his-own-private-pond/

After a Redditor's car was broken into, they told their boss it felt weird to drive it again. Their boss said they knew how that felt and HAD to buy a new one after that happened to them.

carSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

Rich people have it rough. Imagine if they had to clean the toilet themselves.

self cleaning toilet

One Redditor said their rich friend only drinks Evian or Voss water because they're "allergic to tap."

vossSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

When their infinity pool's color isn't the same as the ocean, ruining the effect.

infinity pool

One Redditor's rich friend has to repaint the color of their car because a peacock on his property sees its reflection and pecks at it like crazy.

peacockSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

One rich dad made a sweater for his Jaguar hood ornament so it wouldn't get cold.

jaguarSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/365917538461083014/

Our dentist's ceiling just has a picture of fish.

dentistSource: https://twitter.com/FirstWorldPains/status/468835302141091840

One Redditor's rich aunt won't let them park in front of her mansion because it looks bad.

mansionSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

When rich people get to first class and the wine selection is bad.


Speaking of First Class, rich people have so much leg room they can't reach the pocket in front of them.

first class leg room

When you hate having people in the theater with you, buy out all the tickets.

star wars ticketsSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/308004061998349424/

When the recession hit, one Redditor's friends had to make the sacrifice of selling one of his three jets.

private jetSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

Having the troubling task of driving can be traumatizing.

chauffeurSource: http://www.quickmeme.com/Rich-People-Problems

When it rains out and there's no umbrella, rich people just use their laptops.

raining laptopsSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/522558362992768355/

One Redditor said one of her friends lost $6,000 in travelers checks. The paperwork was too much of a hassle to bother getting the money back.

paperworkSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

When they don't have Jenga blocks around, they just use iPhones.

iphonesSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/522558362992768412/

One Redditor's rich friend invited her to Disneyland. Her friend didn't want to go on the rides because she had been on them a ton of times and they were boring.

disneylandSource: http://www.zmonline.com/photos/zm-photos/examples-of-rich-people-problems-people-have-seen/

Rich people's life hacks certainly look different than mere mortals.

level out the chairSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/522558362992768320/

For rich people, choosing can be really hard.

choosing is hardSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/443463894538995560/

They should probably get a chauffeur.


One of the biggest problems of being a rich person is that they can't fit all that money in a wallet.

money walletSource: http://imgur.com/gallery/0OxxF

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