25 Richest Rappers Of All Time

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We all know rappers love to brag about how much money they have, how many cars, bottles of Dom Perignon, and female companions they have, but what are they really worth? And how much of that money comes from rapping, and how much of it comes from other business ventures? Turns out, the wealthiest rappers are also clever entrepreneurs, using the money they made from their albums to start companies. These are the 25 Richest Rappers Of All Time.


Common, who's almost as well known as an actor as a rapper, is worth approximately $45 Million USD. He's also the only guy who ever possibly kicked John Wick's butt.

CommonSource: http://www.celebritynetworth.com

Cameron Thomaz, AKA Wiz Khalifa only released his first mixtape in 2005 but is already worth $35 Million US at only 29 years old.

wizSource: http://gazettereview.com

William Leonard Roberts II, AKA Rick Ross, is worth an estimated $42 Million USD. His debut single, "Hustlin" was only released in 2006, so that's pretty impressive.

rickrosssource: http://www.therichest.com

André Lauren Benjamin, AKA André 3000, is half of the well known duo Outkast, and despite not putting out a full album for over a decade, is worth an estimated $45 Million USD. Guess roses smell like whatever you want them to when you've got that kind of money.

Andre_3000_New_York_2014_by_ShankboneSource: http://www.alphalife.me/

Swizz Beatz, the producer who came up with the beat behind DMX's “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” started producing in 1998. Almost two decades later, he's worth an estimated $65 Million, USD.

Swizz_beatz_at_hot_97_summer_jam_2007Source: http://www.alphalife.me

Onika Tanya Manaj, AKA Nicki Minaj is worth an estimated $70-$76 Million USD, making her one of the richest female rappers. That's pretty darn impressive considering she's not even 35 yet. No word on Roman's net worth though...

Nicki_Minaj_4_2012Source: http://gazettereview.com/

Rev Run, AKA Joseph Simmons of Run DMC is worth an estimated $70 Million USD. In addition to being one of the most well known rappers and producers in the world, he's a cofounder of Def Jam Records.

revrunSource: http://www.therichest.com/

Both Adam Horovitz (AKA Ad-Rock) and Michael Diamond (AKA Mike D) of the Beastie Boys are estimated to be worth between $70 Million and $90 Million USD, respectively.

Beastie_Boys_CompoSource: http://www.celebritynetworth.com

William James Adams, Jr, better known as Will.i.am, is worth an estimated $75 Million USD. He's a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. To date, he has seven Grammy awards.

William_BEPSource: http://www.celebritynetworth.com

Akon is best known as a rapper/writer/singer/producer, and perhaps for his clothing line, but did you know he's done more for Charity in Africa in a year than most charities do in decades. His Charity, Akon Lighting Africa, has started installing solar electricity in over 14 African countries. Oh, and he's worth around $80 Million USD.

akonSource: http://thefreethoughtproject.com

Timothy Mosely, AKA Timbaland, is best known as a music producer and collaborator, but he's also a rapper/singer. He's one of the most highly paid and sought after producers and is reportedly worth around $80 Million USD.

Timbalandofficial1Source: http://www.alphalife.me

LL Cool J kind of does it all. He's a rapper, actor, author, entrepreneur, host of a TV popular show, married to the same woman for over two decades, and is worth an estimated $100 Million USD. He's also supposedly one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

-LL_Cool_J_with_arms_raised_at_2007_MyCoke_Fest_in_AtlantaSource: http://coed.com

Pharrell Williams has his fingers in many pies - as a writer, producer, recording artist, Voice Judge, and long term endorsement for Addias. He's been in well known groups The Neptunes and N.E.R.D., and has collaborated with...too many people to list, here. His estimated worth is $105 Million USD, though some sources claim it's as high as $150 Million USD.

NERDSource: https://www.gobankingrates.com

Actor, rapper, and creator of the theme song for Good Days everywhere, Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson Sr.) recently announced a new basketball league called BIG3, made up of former NBA players, playing 3 on 3 games. He's worth an estimated $120 Million USD.

IceCubeSource: http://www.therichest.com

Rapper, father, actor, and close personal friend of Martha Stewart, Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr AKA Snoop Dogg, is worth $120 Million, USD.

Snoop_Dogg_performing_at_Hovefestivalen_2012Source: http://www.alphalife.me

2016 had a lot questioning Kanye's net worth, as he took to twitter to announce he was $53 million in personal debt and asked his rich friends and non-friends to invest in him. However, the best estimates people can make is that Kanye West is worth around $145 Million, USD. I mean, it's not Jay Z money, but he's probably going to be okay. #Blessed

Kanye_WestSource: http://heavy.com/

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, who you may know better as Lil Wayne, is worth $150 Million USD. In addition to album and touring revenue, Carter also makes money from endorsements and Young Money Entertainment, which he founded in 2005.

-Lil_WayneSource: http://www.bankrate.com

Ronald "Slim" Williams, aka The Godfather, is the co-founder of Cash Money Records and worth an estimated $170 Million USD.

ronald williamsSource: http://www.therichest.com

Bryan "Birdman" Williams is worth around $180 Million, USD. He co-founded Cash Money Records with his brother, Ronald Williams.

BirdmanSource: http://www.bankrate.com

Eminem, Marshall Mathers, The Real Slim Shady is worth $201 Million USD. That's a lot of spaghetti.

EminemSource: http://coed.com

Russel Simmons - Phat Farm, All Def Digital, Global Grind, Def Pictures, Argyleculture, Tantris, American Classics, and co-founder of Def Jam Records, as well as, y'know, Run DMC - is worth an estimated $325 Million USD.

Russell_SimmonsSource: http://www.businessinsider.com

Master P's estimated Net Worth as of 2016 is $375 Million USD. He started with a record store - No Limit Records & Tapes - which he eventually turned into a record label and built himself a small empire, before filing for bankruptcy in the early 2000's. Not deterred by setbacks, he re-launched under the name No Limit Forever Records and released his 14th album titled, "Empire, from the Hood to Hollywood" in 2015.

Master_pSource: http://gazettereview.com

Jay-Z comes in third, with a net worth of around $610 Million USD. Like others on this list, his money comes as much if not more from his business ventures than it does from his music. He founded the music streaming service Tidal, was former president of Def Jam Records, and founded Roc Nation entertainment, as well as owning the 40/40 Club in NYC. His wife, Beyonce, trails behind him at a mere $450 Million, USD.

Jay-Z_2011Jay-Z_2011Source: http://www.bankrate.com/

Dr. Dre, founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics, started rapping in the mid 80's, and like many of these clever men, took that money and founded an empire. An Empire currently worth an estimated $710 Million, USD.

dreSource: https://www.forbes.com

Sean "Diddy" Combs is the richest rapper in the world, coming in at a net worth of $750 Million USD. He Founded Bad Boy Records in 1993 and has been making more money from his business ventures than his music ever since.

DiddySource: https://www.forbes.com/

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