25 Richest Corporations On Earth

Have you ever wondered what the richest company on Earth is? You may be surprised by the companies you find on this list. Walmart, Apple, and the others are right where you would expect them to be, but there are some that will surely catch you off guard. These are the 25 richest corporations on Earth!


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ($167 billion)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaSource: forbes.com

Owned by the Chinese government, this is the largest bank in the world in terms of total assets.


Glencore ($170 billion)

GlencoreSource: bloomberg.com

A multinational Anglo-Swiss commodities and mining company, Glencore is the third largest family owned enterprise in the world.


Samsung Electronics ($177 billion)

Samsung ElectronicsSource: businessinsider.com

This well known South Korean electronics company has long jockeyed with Apple for the top spot in the electronics department.


McKesson Corporation ($192 billion)

McKesson CorporationSource: forbes.com

Involved with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, McKesson has its headquarters in downtown San Francisco.


Berkshire Hathaway ($210 billion)

Warren BuffetSource: bloomberg.com

This multinational conglomerate is known for its leadership by the famous investor Warren Buffet. Given that the company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren has been given the nickname “The Oracle of Omaha”.

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