25 Retro Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune

Posted by , Updated on May 21, 2024

Do you remember those Power Ranger action figures you had as a kid? How about the Hot Wheel cars? Although they’re probably lost or broken, if you still have them and they are in good condition you could probably sell them for some good money. In fact, a few of the items you’ll see today sell for nearly six figures! These are 25 Retro Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune.



Game Boy Color

toys worth a fortune

This handheld favorite has been selling for nearly two thousand dollars recently online.


Mario Kart 64

toys worth a fortune

You can expect to get nearly $1000 for this nintendo game if you find it in your closet somewhere!


Power Rangers Action Figure

toys worth a fortune

This bit of nostalgia actually went for $4000 on eBay not long ago.




At $120 it doesn’t go for as much as the items we’ve listed so far, but it’s still a pretty solid appreciation of value.


Transformers: Optimus Prime and Megatron.


If you have the original Optimus Prime and/or Megratron action figures, you could be looking at earnings somewhere around $800 – $900 bucks.


Super Soaker

toys worth a fortune

You remember having pool parties when you were a kid? Well the coolest squirt gun on the block now goes for nearly $600!


Fisher Price Skates

toys worth a fortune

Who didn’t have a pair of these? As cheap as they look you could sell your old pair for up to $200 on eBay.


Pokemon Cards

toys worth a fortune

Some of these cards actually sell for thousands of dollars. And when we say thousands we’re talking about nearly $6,000!



toys worth a fortune

Back when digital pets were all the rage, everybody had one. These days they’ve been know to sell for up to $500.


Sega Genesis

toys worth a fortune

Although the system has long been eclipsed by far more advanced gaming consoles, you can still sell your beloved Genesis for a couple thousand dollars!



toys worth a fortune

After Home Alone 2 came out it seemed like everybody wanted one. Basically just a tape recorder, this simple piece of technology goes for over $200 today.


G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center

toys worth a fortune

If you can dig up this toy in relatively good condition you could probably sell it for upwards of $2000.


Jurassic Park

toys worth a fortune

When we say Jurassic Park we’re specifically talking about the first film. Merchandise from the first movie can often be sold for several hundred dollars today.


Ninja Turtles Action Figure

a group of toys in a van

Original Ninja Turtles action figures in good condition have sold for nearly $1000 on eBay recently.


Street Sharks

toys worth a fortune

Not as popular as the Ninja Turtles, street sharks can still bring you some cash. These days they go for several hundred dollars each.


Moon Shoes

toys worth a fortune

Did you ever notice that the kids on the box always seemed to have more fun with the toy than you ever did? At any rate, if by some miracle you didn’t break your moon shoes you can sell them for a couple hundred dollars today.



toys worth a fortunehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/e-coli/2964709411/

These robotic stuffed owl/hamster creatures can be sold for $500. Well, the originals at least, because apparently there have been some new versions released as late as 2012.



toys worth a fortune

Another toy that has been updated over time, an original can go for over $100 online.


Boba Fett Action Figure

toys worth a fortune

Not just any Boba Fett. We’re talking about the original rocket firing Boba Fett. These action figures can sell for up to $5000!


Babe Ruth Figure

toys worth a fortune

Once again, not just any action figure. If you do happen to have one of these and Babe Ruth is wearing a blue hat, then you are holding gold. Only five of the blue hat action figures were ever made and one of them sold not long ago for nearly $14,000 dollars on eBay.


Hot Wheels


We’re not exactly sure how much an individual Hot Wheel car would go for, but recently an entire collection was sold for $20,000.


A-Team Van Set

toys worth a fortune

This one goes all the way back to the 80s. If you happen to have an original 1983 version it could fetch you nearly $700.


Teddy Ruxpin

toys worth a fortune

A vintage version of this talking bear goes for nearly $200.


Beanie Babies

toys worth a fortune

Ok, most beanie babies are completely worthless these days but a few stand out above the rest. And when we say above the rest we are understating just a bit. The first edition Princess Diana bear goes for roughly half a million dollars. Yes, your read that right – $500,000.


Beach Bomb Hot Wheel Car

toys worth a fortune

Ok, remember how we said we weren’t sure about individual Hot Wheels? Well, there is at least one we know of that went for quite a bit recently. The Beach Bomb with a surfboard hanging out the back was sold for $72,000!