25 Remarkable Feats People Have Done When In Danger

The fight or flight response can be a powerful instinct. In dangerous situations, people have achieved extraordinary feats when they’ve decided to stay and fight. In many cases, adrenaline kicks in, giving people superhuman strength and an indomitable will during a crisis (like when a mother lifts a car to save a child). Sometimes, it also gives us the ability to make quick decisions that help save the lives of others even when it means sacrificing ourselves. Ready to witness the triumph of the human spirit? Here are 25 Remarkable Feats People Have Done When In Danger!

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Charlotte Heffelmire

firetruckSource: https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/teenager-uses-superhuman-strength-to-lift-burning-truck-off-dad-and-save-family/news-story/9b85e3f96547950c8da3af34c8ee2619

Similar to the previous story, this heroine also lifted a car off of someone; in this case, that someone was her dad. What makes this story unique is the fact that the car was also on fire, so after getting her dad out from under the car, she got in the burning vehicle and drove it away from her family’s house before it could explode. Thankfully, everyone survived!


Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Hiroshima-NagasakiSource: https://abcnews.go.com/WN/atomic-bomb-victim-survived-hiroshima-nagasaki-dies-japan/story?id=9489697

This Japanese engineer stayed in Hiroshima when the first nuclear bomb was dropped in 1945. He survived, suffering severe burns and temporary blindness and deafness. He then went to his hometown of Nagasaki when the second nuclear bomb was dropped. He also survived that attack, though he suffered from leukemia, cataracts, and other illnesses. While this isn’t an “in the moment” type of feat like the others on this list, it’s pretty darn impressive that he lived to the age of 93…despite the danger of, you know, two nuclear bombs!


Christina Simoes

apartment fireSource: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/mom-jumps-third-floor-window-saves-son-fire-article-1.1785747

When trapped in her apartment with fire all around her, this mother of an eighteen-month-old did what she had to survive; she jumped out of a three-story window with her child. She suffered severe injuries to her back, but her child had just a scratch.


Maureen Lee

CougarSource: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/now-she-knows-what-a-cougar-is/article4276779/

As this mother and her daughter walked on a trail near her home in Brackendale, B.C., a cougar attacked her daughter. Her maternal instincts kicked in, and she flung the 88 pound (40 kilogram) cougar off her daughter, grabbed her daughter, and took off running.


Jacklyn H. Lucas

Lucas_JHSource: https://www.military.com/marine-corps-birthday/badass-of-the-week-jacklyn-h-lucas.html

While patrolling in Iwo Jima, this Medal of Honor recipient was attacked by Japanese soldiers. They threw two grenades at his location and rather than running, he jumped on top of the grenades, covering them with his body. He somehow survived. Undergoing 26 surgeries, he came out alive but with 250 pieces of shrapnel left inside his body.

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