25 Refreshing Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

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This summer has been a scorcher all over the world. As the mercury soars, it can be harder to feel comfortable and even to concentrate as our minds are off dreaming of days by the pool in Margaritaville with a nice breeze blowing in from the sea. Whether it be trying to fall asleep in the persistent, humid, and sticky weather or just cooling off during a blazing afternoon, we’ve gathered together┬ásome tips and tricks to keep you cool day and night – no air conditioner required.

In this list, we’ve covered the full spectrum of summer cooling activities, minus opening a fire hydrant with a wrench and playing in the outflow. You’ll see some food tips that will help you cool off from the inside out; some tips for your house that will keep things cooler inside; and some tips to help you keep cooler at bedtime. (Since our body temperature drops as we fall asleep, making yourself cooler before bedtime will help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.) If you’re looking for ways to be more comfortable and cool down during this blazing summer, check out these 25 Refreshing Ways to Keep Cool This Summer.

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Eat spicy food. Though it may seem like it would make you hotter (which it does), it also boosts circulation and causes you to sweat, lowering your body temperature.

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Use lightweight cotton sheets. They are more breathable than heavier fabrics like satin or polyester.

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The same goes for clothes - synthetic fibers trap heat, whereas cotton allows it to pass out while absorbing sweat, cooling you as it evaporates. To be even cooler, you can try sleeping in the buff.

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To cool off a drink faster, either spin it around in some ice (you'll have to do this for a while, though, or by attaching it to the end of a drill) or soak a paper towel in water, wrap it around the bottle, and put both in the freezer.

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A cold shower may help you feel immediately cooler, but your body will compensate for the cold by creating more heat. Instead, shower with water just below your body temperature to cool you off and keep you from heating back up.

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Plenty of delicious fruits are at their best in early summer, so chop them up and freeze the pieces. Nom on them later as a snack or add them to a glass of water to cool it down.

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Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open door or window means the breeze flowing in enters a few degrees cooler.

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Putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan will blow cooler air towards you, especially useful before bed and as you try to fall asleep.

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If you can, wet any piece of clothing you have (a hat works wonders) and put it back on. As it dries, the water will evaporate and cool you at the same time.

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Drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea is said to cool the body and clear the mind.

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Pulling the curtains before you leave the house will both stop sunlight from entering and trap cooler air inside.

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It may seem weird, but put your sheets in a zipped plastic bag in the fridge a few hours before bed. Besides feeling cooler at bedtime, you'll fall to sleep faster.

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Eating smaller meals cuts down on the amount of metabolic heat your body produces, which is especially high when eating dishes full of protein.

Grilled_beef_tenderloin_with_port_wine_sauce_roasted_rosemary_potatoes_carrots_and_zuchini.Source: Daily Mail, Image: Wikipedia

If you're really feeling overheated, apply an ice pack or cold water bottle to the parts of your skin where your blood vessels are at their nearest to the surface: your ankles, wrists and temple.

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Consider moving your desk or bed to the basement for the summer. Since cold air sinks (and basements normally don't receive as much sunlight), you'll feel cooler and more comfortable throughout the days and nights.

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Besides looking pretty sweet, switching out your traditional bed for a hammock in the summer means more airflow, keeping your cooler.

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If you normally moisturize, consider switching your cream out for an aloe vera rub. Its cooling sensation will help lower your body temperature.

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It has become more widely known that electronics (e.g. phone charger, microwave, speakers) still use some power even when turned off. Since power means heat, unplug anything in a socket to cut down on the heat generated.

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Painting the outside of your house or office in lighter colors means the surfaces will reflect more of the sun's radiation than if they are darker shades like blue and brown.

Painting_a_staircase.jpg July 25, 2016Source: Daily Mail, Image: Wikipedia

Though Black Cohosh has long been recommended to help dampen hot flushes in menopausal women, new research has been showing its positive effects on lowering body temperature regardless of gender.

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Another way to keep cool in the summer is to brew a cup of peppermint tea, let it cool, then put it into a spray bottle in the fridge. Misting yourself with the infused tea will make your skin feel tingly and cool you down, too.

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Rather than going for a jog after work when the pavement is reflecting heat like a 1970's sci-fi effect, wake up earlier and go for a run in the morning when the mercury is at its lowest.

Running_Man_Kyle_Cassidy morningSource: Daily Mail, Image: Wikipedia

Booze and caffeine (a college student's mainstays) both dehydrate the body and can make you feel warmer in the summer. Steer clear of these two and drink plenty of water to help regulate your body temperature.

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Do you know why your ceiling fan rotates the way it does? A counter-clockwise rotating fan helps cool things off in the summer by creating downward airflow. In contrast, make sure your fan rotates clockwise in the winter to push down warm air which settles near the ceiling.

ceiling fanSource: Daily Mail, Image: Wikipedia

As bizarre as it may seem, our bodies can physically respond to daydreaming so even imagining snow can help you feel cooler in the summer.

cat dreamingSource: Daily Mail, Image: andesine via Flickr

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