25 Refreshing Recipes For Days That Are Roasting Hot

Summer is slowly winding down, but the temperatures can still get uncomfortably high. There are many good ways to refresh and cool yourself down on a hot summer day. You can dive in a pool, you can turn on your air conditioning, you can fly over to Canada, or you can make yourself a refreshing and tasty meal or drink. The internet is full of great recipes for every occasion, including recipes for days when you sweat your face off. We like the idea of fighting the heat with delicious foods and drinks, so after our recently published recipes such as these 25 Fourth Of July Recipes That Are Worth Celebrating or these 25 Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes To Help Dinner Go Smoother, we are here with yet another cool recipe post to satisfy your taste buds. From the gastronomical point of view, summer has a huge advantage over the other seasons – it is when most fruits and vegetables ripen. With that said, it comes as no surprise that today’s post with 25 Refreshing Recipes For Days That Are Roasting Hot contains tons of fruits, vegetables, and other delicacies typical of summer. From fantastic fruit salads and desserts to refreshing meat dishes and creative summer versions of popular drinks, here are 25 Refreshing Recipes For Days That Are Roasting Hot.

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No-Bake Strawberry Ice Box

No-bake strawberry ice boxSource and image: thekitchn.com

If you are a fan of icebox cakes (layered desserts with custard or whipped cream sandwiched between graham crackers or wafer cookies), you will love this strawberry ice box. It takes just a few ingredients to prepare, but it tastes and looks amazing.


Fruit Salad with Pudding

Fruit salad with puddingSource and image: food.com

Super easy to make and a great dish to bring to a potluck or family party, this fruit salad with vanilla pudding is both healthy and delicious. If the fruits are not sweet enough for you, feel free to add some sugar.


Frozen-Grape Sangria

Frozen-grape sangriaSource and image: countryliving.com

Sangria is common in Spain and Portugal, but this fancy drink is becoming popular in many countries all over the world. Prepare a special summer version of this famous beverage by putting frozen grapes in the glasses.


Watermelon and Crab Gazpacho

Watermelon and crab gazpachoSource and image: goodhousekeeping.com

It takes just about 25 minutes to prepare 4 servings of this wonderful chilled soup that delivers a fresh taste of summer, combining in-season produce like watermelon, zucchini, tomato, and basil.


Mango Lassi Popsicle

Mango Lassi popsicleSource and image: Jerry James Stone via mnn.com

When it comes to refreshing yourself on a hot day, few things can compare to fruit popsicles. Make your own, amazing mango popsicle out of just three ingredients – mangoes, Greek yogurt and simple syrup.

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