25 Reasons You Should Thank Your Mom

Posted by , Updated on January 23, 2024

Are you looking for things to say to your mom to make her smile this Mother’s Day? Sometimes a very genuine and specific “thank you” does the trick, even more than a fancy dinner or gift. (Although, those things are nice, too!)  If you’re looking for unique things to write in that card or maybe trying to think of something different to say at dinner, take a look at this list first because today we’re here to remind you of a few reasons why your mom is the best! Here are 25 Reasons You Should Thank Your Mom!


She gave birth to you.

right after birth

This might sound simple and basic, but really, anyone who’s been in the labor and delivery room knows that this is something to be thankful for. It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, and because of those hours of pain, you’re here and alive.


She knowingly changed the course of her life for you.

life choice

Having kids is an amazing journey, but there’s a reason there’s a growing number of women who decide to pass on the opportunity. Chances are, your mom’s life was going in a certain direction, and when she decided to have you, that changed the course of her life.


She worried (and still worries) about you.

worried woman

Mom-worry is real, especially in today’s world with all the over-information. No matter how confident and secure she is, she has undoubtedly experienced at least a few moments of intense worry. Even if you’re out of the house and on your own, she still worries.


She sacrificed her body for you.

stretch marks

Stretch marks, hormones, the pains and inconveniences of nursing, that summer bikini body…all for you.


(She thinks you’re worth it, don’t worry.)


She taught you many important life skills.

play room

Have you ever thought about how much is involved with day to day tasks such as buttoning a button, tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, or even the basic concept of sharing? Although you might not remember, those things wouldn’t be part of your skill set without someone to show you the ropes. Next time you’re buttoning a shirt for work, think about your mom and be grateful.


She offers you perspective.

mother and daughter advice

Mom comes with a lot of life experience and unique wisdom. Combine that with knowing you better than most other people in your life, and you have someone who can offer you a lot of very useful perspective!


She provided opportunities for you.

mother and daughter library

Did your mom ever take you to the library or the park? Moms are there to facilitate your growth and development on many different levels. They did this by exposing you to various experiences to provide you with opportunities to grow.


She wiped your butt and boogers...and actually survived your baby/toddler years.

diaper change

Babies are gross. They’re super cute and adorable and magical and amazing…and they poop…like poop everywhere…and they get colds/allergies but can’t wipe their noses so then there’s also snot everywhere…

You, at one point, were also a baby/toddling. At one point, your momma cleaned up after you too, and we’re not talking about your room. (Although, for a certain period of time, she probably did that, too.)


She took care of you when you were sick.

sick child

Admit it; even now, you still secretly yearn for your mom when you get knocked out from the flu, even if it’s just for company.


Provided you with food.

kid eating

Whether it was boxed mac n’ cheese, PBJ (without crust), or a deluxe gourmet meal, if you filled your belly, chances are your mom was behind it most of the time.


She sacrificed a considerable amount of sleep.

tired mom

While the cliche that moms “will never sleep again” is overplayed, it is true that moms no longer get to sleep quite as much as they did before. There are many reasons for this, from spotty sleep patterns when you were a baby to staying up worried when you were out late with friends as a teenager. It’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason.


Allowed you to make mistakes and learn from them.

boy with broken vase

Being a mom requires an incredible amount of patience and grace. Allowing you to make mistakes and learn from them is proof.


She sat through and helped with your extra-curricular activities.


Homework, soccer, ballet, hockey…there are so many things to be done outside of traditional school hours. If you participated in any of those after school activities, thank your mom; she had to be there too.


She drove you around.

steering wheel notes

In addition to after school activities, your mom probably took you a lot of other places. She might have dropped you off at a movie or the mall with your friends; taken you to school; taken you to any doctors appointments…the list goes on.


She put her own dreams on hold.

woman on couch

As mentioned earlier, your mom’s life was going in a certain direction before you came along. Chances are, there was something she had been planning to do that had to wait, sometimes for several years, until after you were more self-sufficient. You were worth it, but it’s a sacrifice worth acknowledging.


She was patient.

zen woman

There are few things in this world that force you to have patience like raising a human being.


She set boundaries.


We may not like them, and at first they might be uncomfortable, but boundaries are what keeps everyone safe and healthy…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The first place most of us start to learn about boundaries is at home, and when mom said, “No,” it was probably for your own good.


She offered a listening ear.

listening ear

Sometimes we just need someone to listen. Many moms fill this roll, and if you have a mom that does, be sure to give her an extra squeeze today.


She provided a safe haven.

mom hug

The world is a rough place, and when things get rough, your mom was a good person to run to. Her comfort and love offered a place you could rest and recuperate.


She knows what's best...aka...she has mom-wisdom.

wise woman

While there’s no parenting handbook to rule them all, Mom’s life experiences and 6th sense carry a powerful amount of wisdom. Don’t worry, we don’t like to admit this one either.


She gave hugs and kisses when you needed it.

mom daughter cafe

Sometimes all we need is a hug and a kiss. Who’s there? Mom. Scraped knee? Mom’s got you. Broken heart? Mom’s there. Feeling down in the dumps? You know it…Mom to the rescue.


She wore a million different hats.

working mom

Let’s face it, mom’s are busy creatures. On top of the enormity of being “Mom,” most moms are also a significant part of the workforce. They are also usually the ones that handle the family’s social calendar. Let’s not forget there’s still the day in and day out tasks of managing a household…laundry, cooking, cleaning. The amount of responsibility can be overwhelming.


She provided an example of what love and parenting should look like.

heart bubble

Your parents were the ones who gave you your first messages of love. They also set the example on various parenting styles. If you have happy and healthy friendships and romantic relationship(s), thank your Mom.


She put your happiness first.

happy kids

Did your mom ever share her food with you? Give you a sip of her favorite smoothie? Work extra shifts so you could do extra-curricular activities? If it were between you getting something or her getting something, most (if not all) of the time, it was you.


She was strong for you.

strong momma

As you might gather from this list, mom-hood isn’t for the faint of heart. On top of all these things, she was also the one who went to bat for you when you needed her to. And while you may not realize it, she had to pull on her own inner strength to keep things together in difficult times.


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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