25 Reasons You Might Find California To Be One Of The Coolest Places In The World

How would you feel about snowboarding in the morning and surfing in the afternoon? Sounds kinda crazy right? Well not that crazy because this is a very real possibility if you live in California. From glaciers and deserts to beaches and volcanoes, California has some of the most incredibly diverse geography in the world. Furthermore, it has an incomprehensibly huge economy with some of the biggest metropolitan regions on Earth. And as if that weren’t enough, it has great weather. All year round. These are 25 reasons that California is one of the coolest places in the world.

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Thanks to perfect weather and advanced technology, the central valley is one of the world's most productive agricultural regions. In fact, without California the world would have a hard time feeding itself.

farmSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America

lake tahoeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The San Francisco Bay Area is the world's de facto leader in high technology

san franciscoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

California is home to some of the world's oldest (bristlecone pine), tallest (coast redwood), and most massive (giant sequoia) trees

general shermanSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Yosemite Falls is North America's highest waterfall

yosemite fallsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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