25 Reasons Why You Should Consider Owning A Dog

Posted by , Updated on May 20, 2024

I am the proud owner of an adopted Greyhound and let me tell you, it is one the best decisions I have ever made in my life. She has been a huge source of comfort, laughter, and overall peace to me (to the point where I wonder, why doesn’t everyone adopt one)? Now you could argue that my scenario is unique, but when you realize how amazing dogs are, you’ll see that my scenario is not unique at all. So I hope that these 25 reasons why you should consider owning a dog compels you to go out and adopt (notice I did not say buy) an awesome companion.

Your arrival will always be greeted with the utmost glee


Honestly, who doesn’t like coming home to someone who is absolutely excited to see them?


Love, love and more love

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There is no question about it. Scientists have show that dogs do indeed have a strong emotional tie to their owners; an emotional tie that is unique within the animal kingdom and can even be stronger than the tie between humans. It’s safe to say that no other animal will love you like a dog.


Dogs want to make you happy


It’s true. According to studies, one of the major drivers for a dog is to please his pack leader (you). In other words, a dog’s delight is to know that you are delighted. Isn’t that delightful?


Dogs love to give affection


A resent study found that humans need about 12 good hugs a day to be healthy. This is a clear indicator of the human need for affection, and I can guarantee you, no animal is going to give you as much affection as a dog.


They have a positive impact on your health


Studies show that dogs have a positive impact on your health. Owning a dog has been shown to decrease depression, blood pressure, and overall stress.


Dog’s help you meet your fitness goals


Research shows that dog owners tend to be in better physical shape. This is due to the fact that dogs encourage us to walk and play promoting a more active lifestyle.


Dogs help us become more social

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Do you feel like you have a problem being social? Maybe you are a bit introverted and you want to be a bit more extroverted. You are in luck, studies show that dog owners tend to be more social than people who don’t own dogs. This is due to the fact that dogs create a perfect conversation piece making it easier to strike a conversation with just about anyone.


A dog can be trained

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This is more of a cool factor, but the fact remains that dogs are very trainable animals. You can train them to dance, spin, speak, rollover, get you a soda can, etc. You want an entertainment showpiece for your party? Train your dog to do some simple tricks and you’ll own the limelight (actually your dog will).


A dog can protects you

There isn’t a more loyal and fierce protector than a dog. In fact, studies show that just owning a dog can be a deterrent of crime. If a burglar is foolish enough to trespass into a home guarded by a protective dog? Well, let’s just say that he won’t do that again.

You will never eat alone

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It’s true, dogs will never let you eat alone…ever.


Dogs treat you like family


Literally. Dogs are very pack oriented animals so a dog sees his owner as the pack leader and sees everyone else as members of the pack.


A dog knows how you’re feeling


Studies confirm that dogs can indeed read our emotions. In fact, dogs are the only non-human animals who scan the left side of our faces when they look at us. This is something that humans do in order to read another person’s emotion.


A dog can be a huge source of inspiration


Dogs are troopers! They can bounce back from all sorts of calamities, hate wounds, physical injuries and still have a positive demeanor in life. They literally exude inspiration.


Evil people own dogs


Unfortunately, there are people in this world that take pleasure in harming, abusing, and inflicting unimaginable horrors to these amazing animals. As such, we need good people to own dogs because they deserve a good home and a good master.


Dogs have special abilities


Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is powerful enough to sniff out cancer? That alone should be reason enough to convince you to adopt (notice I did not say buy) a dog.


There are many dogs who want you to own them


Aside from escaping horrible masters, there are dogs who end up on the streets and eventually in shelters. Sadly, around 56 percent of dogs that enter these shelters are euthanized in order to make room for other dogs. I guarantee you that these 56% of dogs want you as their owner.


A clean floor


Oh no, you just dropped some of your great tasting spaghetti and meatball on the floor! Now you’ll have to spend all that time and effort cleaning up the mess. But wait! If you own a dog, he (or she) will do the job for you (or at least most of it).


Biological diaries


Most psychologists agree, expressing ourselves via art, blogging, journaling, etc. is healthy. A dog will serve you as that biological diary in which you can confide anything and everything and never worry about someone reading it.


Dogs teach responsibility


If you are curious as to the type of parent you will be than a dog is your answer. Dogs are huge responsibilities, but a baby is just as much if not more of a responsibility. So learn to take care of a dog, and you will learn the essential skills to take care of a child.


Dogs brighten an empty home


Your kids have gone off to college and you find yourself alone in the house. You may be tempted to start feeling lonely, but a dog can give you some much needed companionship.


Allergy control


This is more for kids but research shows that if you are exposed to a dog early on in life, you are less likely to develop allergies later in life.


Dogs can teach us how to forgive


Dogs are not perfect (but then again, who is). They will have accidents on your carpet; they will chew something they were not supposed to etc. However, as dog owners, you will see that these events are petty in the grand scheme of life, which may help you see how petty the offences you harbor in other matters truly are in the grand scheme of life.


Self discipline


Studies show that dog owners tend to be more self disciplined than those who do not own dogs. This makes sense since dogs require owners to be disciplined with their routine and their needs.


They’re cute!


Some people spend hours (i’m not exaggerating…you know who you are) staring at dog pictures. Why? Because they are cute! So why not buy one already? You’ll have your personal cute buddy whenever you want (and it wont be nearly as weird).


A dog will always be loyal to you


I could go on and on about a dog’s loyalty, but I think this picture says it best.