25 Reasons We Need to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

The idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons can be a sensitive topic. We get that. Many feel they’re a necessity, but usually, those feelings are driven by fear. In reality, nuclear weapons have more cons than pros. For instance, they potentially could cause the deaths of millions of innocent people, are harmful to the environment, and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Instead, we could use that money for more useful things, such as fighting poverty and making sure the world is a vibrant place for our children and grandchildren. Here are 25 Reasons We Need to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons.

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Nuclear weapons can't address new threats


Times have changed with new threats that nuclear weapons can’t fix such as cyber attacks and terrorism. In the information age, cyber attacks and espionage have become much more potent and powerful than nuclear weapons.


Nukes cause proliferation risks


The Proliferation Treaty was put into action in 1970 and it said that any country that didn’t have nukes wouldn’t get them, and the countries that did would work on lessening them. However, this treaty hasn’t been strictly enforced which leads to the question, if we tell one country to not have nukes, shouldn’t we enforce it for all?


The U.S. can reverse the concentration of power


Nuclear weapons sabotage American democracy. The president wields too much power by having his finger on “the button,” capable of destroying entire countries and possibly all of mankind.


The people have no say on the use of nukes


The president has the power to set the nukes off. This drastic decision is made behind closed doors by members of Congress and the military. The people have no say and no vote on the matter.


If nuclear weapons were abolished, there would be world peace


This is a pretty obvious statement. If all countries abolished their nuclear weapons, not only would there be no death and destruction but there would be no threat of it causing panic and chaos. That’s not to say it would solve all our problems, but it would be a start.

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