25 Reasons To Adopt And Not Shop

Domestic pets such as dogs and cats are remarkable for their capacity to love humans. Studies show that animals share a strong sense of companionship for their masters and improve almost every aspect of the owner’s lives including their health and even their outlook on life. How animals affect the lives of people is among the reasons why almost every family should have a pet. But instead of spending thousands of dollars to buy these amazing animals from pet stores, potential pet owners have a more adventitious option available to them; pet adoption. Check out these 25 reasons to adopt and not shop if you are in the market for a new faithful companion.

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You save a life

You save a lifewww.zoomroomonline.com

About 3.7 million animals held under the custody of animal shelters are euthanized every year because there are no families that are willing to adopt them. When you adopt a pet from any of these animal shelters, you give that animal a family and save it from being mercy-killed.


You don’t support backyard breeders

You don’t support backyard breederswww.spbr.org

Thousands of dogs are kept under horrifying conditions in puppy mills and farms every year. When you adopt a dog, you are curtailing the income and support to these backyard breeders thus promoting the welfare of animals.


You give animals a second chance at life

You give animals a second lifewww.outpawsrescue.com

There are many reasons why pets end up in animal shelters and usually is not the pet’s fault. By adopting pets from an animal shelter; a humane society; a dog or cat rescue; or an SPCA facility, not only will you find a friend for a lifetime but also will provide a pet with a second chance at a rightfully deserved life.


You prevent animals from being destroyed

You prevent animals from being destroyedriprambo13.wordpress.com

This reason is an extension of #25 but it is crucial to underscore. In Los Angeles, 200 pit bulls are destroyed every single day just because there is no one to adopt them. Unfortunately, this killing is regardless of how healthy these animals are and is plagued by the misconception of the breed. When you adopt an animal, you save a pet from being killed for no reason at all and a life saved is always a heroic act.


You help an animal shelter open up a space for other homeless animals

You help an animal shelter open up a space for other homeless animalswww.terrellcounty-ga.com

The role of animal shelters is to provide a shelter for homeless animals. This means that when you adopt an animal from one of these shelters, you help provide a home for that animal while at the same time opening up space for another homeless animal.

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