25 Reasons To Adopt And Not Shop

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Domestic pets such as dogs and cats are remarkable for their capacity to love humans. Studies show that animals share a strong sense of companionship for their masters and improve almost every aspect of the owner’s lives including their health and even their outlook on life. How animals affect the lives of people is among the reasons why almost every family should have a pet. But instead of spending thousands of dollars to buy these amazing animals from pet stores, potential pet owners have a more adventitious option available to them; pet adoption. Check out these 25 reasons to adopt and not shop if you are in the market for a new faithful companion.

You save a life

You save a lifewww.zoomroomonline.com

About 3.7 million animals held under the custody of animal shelters are euthanized every year because there are no families that are willing to adopt them. When you adopt a pet from any of these animal shelters, you give that animal a family and save it from being mercy-killed.


You don’t support backyard breeders

You don’t support backyard breederswww.spbr.org

Thousands of dogs are kept under horrifying conditions in puppy mills and farms every year. When you adopt a dog, you are curtailing the income and support to these backyard breeders thus promoting the welfare of animals.


You give animals a second chance at life

You give animals a second lifewww.outpawsrescue.com

There are many reasons why pets end up in animal shelters and usually is not the pet’s fault. By adopting pets from an animal shelter; a humane society; a dog or cat rescue; or an SPCA facility, not only will you find a friend for a lifetime but also will provide a pet with a second chance at a rightfully deserved life.


You prevent animals from being destroyed

You prevent animals from being destroyedriprambo13.wordpress.com

This reason is an extension of #25 but it is crucial to underscore. In Los Angeles, 200 pit bulls are destroyed every single day just because there is no one to adopt them. Unfortunately, this killing is regardless of how healthy these animals are and is plagued by the misconception of the breed. When you adopt an animal, you save a pet from being killed for no reason at all and a life saved is always a heroic act.


You help an animal shelter open up a space for other homeless animals

You help an animal shelter open up a space for other homeless animalswww.terrellcounty-ga.com

The role of animal shelters is to provide a shelter for homeless animals. This means that when you adopt an animal from one of these shelters, you help provide a home for that animal while at the same time opening up space for another homeless animal.


You can get purebred animals from shelters

You can get purebred animals from shelterswww.examiner.com

Based on statistics, around 25% of animals under the safekeeping of animal shelters are purebred. If you want to have a purebred as your loyal companion, then go to the shelter and pay considerably less as opposed to going to a pet shop and paying considerably more.


Simple love

You give animals a second or third chance to livewww.facebook.com

We all want to be loved, and pets are no different. Some of the animals in these pet shelters have been abused; have endured hunger and loneliness; and are anxiously waiting to love and be loved in return.


You help prevent unwanted animals from being dumped

You prevent unwanted animals from being dumpedwww.dailytelegraph.com.au

Especially in the United States, around 300 homeless dogs are dumped every year. Most of these homeless dogs are abandoned by their former masters and are left to suffer helplessly on the streets. When you adopt a pet, you help house these poor animals.


You help reduce overpopulation

You are able to give a home to lost animalswww.facebook.com

With over 5 million animals entering shelter annually it’s safe to say that there is a pet for anyone who wants one. However, we create a demand for “new dogs” when we purchase from pet mills via pet shops. By adopting, we decrease the demand for new dogs and help alleviate the over abundance of readily available and adoptable pets.



You give animals who are not reclaimed by their owners the chance to have a master againblog.yanidel.com

Our culture loves variety and when it comes to pet choices, animal shelters can’t be beat. They have everything from pure breeds to muts; large to small; active to docile; young to old; the combination can be endless and most often than not, if they don’t have a particular pet you’re looking for, they can help you find one in other shelters.


No early stage frustrations


Animal shelters have a healthy selection of older dogs. One of the many benefits of adopting an older dog is the fact that you can significantly reduce and sometimes all together avoid the early frustrating stage of puppy hood. Sure they can be cute, cuddly and humorously mischievous, but they also require extensive amounts of time, training, socializing, and care. Time that most people just don’t have. Nevertheless, with an older dog, a lot of the training, socializing, and care has been done for you. Is a win-win situation personified if there ever was one!


You help animals live longer

You help animals live longerwww.wikihow.com

According to studies, cats and dogs that are owned live longer lives than their stray counterparts. This means that when you adopt a cat or dog from these shelters, you keep them off the street and prolong their lives.


You have lesser chance of getting surprised

You have lesser chance of getting spayed animalsfixit-foundation.org

The physiological changes that can occur from the early “puppy” stages of an animal to the more developed “adolescent” stage can be quite drastic. This includes an increase in size, weight, colors, temperament, and behavior. By adopting an older animal from a shelter, you take the guess work out of the animals growth which enables you to better judge your compatibility.


Pets cost less at shelters

You spend lessexs.lv

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter or a humane society is less expensive than buying a pet from a pet shop. Significantly less. For example, some animals can cost anywhere between hundreds (like 400 and above) to thousands of dollars at a petshop. On the other hand, most shelters charge a nominal fee of anywhere between $100 – $200 dollars which goes into the operation of the facility.


Pet perks with pet fees


Most apartment complexes will charge you a “pet fee” of some sort for owning a dog. However, when you adopt, most apartment complexes will give you a discount or some form of waiver which reduces overall pet financial burdens.


You save dogs from being abused by their cruel masters

You reduce the number of animals who die of starvation every yearwww.mtholyoke.edu

Statistics show that around 12,000 dogs in the United States die from abuse every year. But you can help put an end to animal cruelty by adopting animals thus freeing facilities to deal with these poor and abused creatures.


Animals improve our physical and emotional well-being

Animals improve our physical and emotional wellbeingwww.mindmyhouse.com

Animals have the special ability to provide companionship and unconditional love to their masters (and who doesn’t want unconditional love). But even more than just love, studies show that owning a pet brings with it a host of benefits that range from a more social life, decreased blood pressure for owners, decreased cholesterol levels, better recovery from heart issues, overall healthier physics (since dogs motivates us to walk more), and may even provide an sense of purpose for owners which helps fight depression.


You are able to show your support to the No-Kill Movement of the United States

You are able to show your support to the No-Kill Movement of the United Stateswww.newmexicopetsalive.org

The No-Kill Movement of the United States aims to put a stop to merciless animal killing. By adopting an animal, you are able to show your support to the movement.


You are able to save a lot for vaccination costs

You are able to save a lot for vaccination costswww.cityofchicago.org

When you adopt an animal most of them come vaccinated saving you money for the same service. Such services are not offered in pet shops.


You get support services and medical care for your animal

You get support services and medical care for your animalsacs.vetmed.ufl.edu

Animals that are adopted from animal shelters and humane societies normally get free support services and medical care even when they are no longer in their custody. If you adopt an animal from an animal shelter, you are assured that you have somewhere to turn to in case you need extra medical care for your pet.


There is a higher chance that your pet is bred for good health

There is a higher chance that your pet is bred for good healthhecticharmony.net

Most puppies from pet stores come from puppy mills so they are not bred for good health and temperament. If you adopt a pet from an animal shelter, there is a higher chance that your pet is healthy because animals in these shelters are monitored and tended well.


You are able to show your support and dedication to pet investigation teams

You are able to show your support and dedication to pet investigation teamshspca.convio.net

Pet Investigation Teams work in rescuing animals from cruel and neglectful situations. When you adopt an animal, you are able to show support for this endeavor because not only do you save animals from being subjected to suffering but your adoption contributions may also go to fund such efforts.


You will be an example to others

You will be an example to otherslionsclubs.org

As of today, only about 20% of pet lovers adopt their pets from animal shelters and rescue groups. If you adopt a pet and show this act to your neighbors, you are able to spread the word to people who are not aware of the benefits of animal adoption.


Adoption staff helps you find the best pet for you

Adoption staff helps you find the best pet for youwww.facebook.com

When you buy an animal from a pet shop most owners don’t care about the compatibility of the animal to your lifestyle and personality (a situation that could potentially result in pet abandonment). However, it is towards a shelter’s interest to educate you concerning certain breeds and to make sure that the breed you are interested in fits your lifestyle and your temperament. This ensures that you and your new “forever friend” will be happy (thus reducing discarded animals).


Cool factor


Needless to say adopting is way cooler than buying. When you adopt, you tell the world you have a heart, are a good person, and you are rare (within a 20% of pet owners). When you buy, your not necessarily a bad person (not at all), but your just not as cool :). If you are planning to add a new friend to your life in the form of a pet, we recommend you adopt instead of buy.

FUN FACT: Our Editor owns an adopted Greyhound named Tia. Do you own an adopted pet? Let us know in the comments below and share this post to let others know of the benefits found in adoption.

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