25 Reasons Sports Are Good For Kids (List25)

There are probably more than 25 reasons sports are good for kids, but we’ll present the best ones here. Do your kids play any sports? If not, then it’s time to sign them up. As you’ll find out, there are numerous reasons sports are good for kids. Playing sports encourages kids to have an active, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle. On top of that, they will make new friends, be part of a team, and earn to respect authority. It’s also been proven that children who play sports do better academically. With so many benefits of sports, there’s little reason not to sign them up. So, sign your kids up for soccer, or baseball, and maybe a little karate. You’ll be glad you did. Here are 25 Reasons Sports Are Good For Kids.


Sports Teaches Structure


Sports teaches them the importance of a practice schedule, showing up on time, and warming up before each and every game.


It's Great Exercise


They’ll be constantly running around, up and down the field, or around the bases. The best part is, they’ll be having fun while doing it.


Shows Children Teamwork


Teamwork is a value that they will carry on in life. In sports, they learn that no man is an island. To be an effective player, they learn to be an effective team member.


They Can Make New Friends


Playing sports is a great way to get your child to interact with other kids. They’ll build bonds and friendships that could get them through the hard times at school. They might even have these friends for life.


Competition Will Prepare Them For The Real World


The world is very competitive and there are no trophies for trying. When playing sports, they learn to want to win, and always do their absolute best.

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