25 Reasons Sports Are Good For Kids (List25)

There are probably more than 25 reasons sports are good for kids, but we’ll present the best ones here. Do your kids play any sports? If not, then it’s time to sign them up. As you’ll find out, there are numerous reasons sports are good for kids. Playing sports encourages kids to have an active, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle. On top of that, they will make new friends, be part of a team, and earn to respect authority. It’s also been proven that children who play sports do better academically. With so many benefits of sports, there’s little reason not to sign them up. So, sign your kids up for soccer, or baseball, and maybe a little karate. You’ll be glad you did. Here are 25 Reasons Sports Are Good For Kids.


Builds Social Skills


When children play on a team, they meet other kids, and learn through playing how to interact with kids their own age.


Helps Build Self-Esteem


There’s nothing like hearing the cheer of a crowd when your child makes a goal, or hits a homerun. They get a sense of worth.


Great for Academic Success


Studies have shown that sports teaches determination and hard work. These are skills that children can bring into the classroom as well.


Teaches Them Not To Quit, When Things Are Difficult


They’re going to be tired and feel like they can’t keep playing but encouragement from their coach and teammates will have them push through any obstacle.


Helps Them Deal With Pressure


When they play a big game, they may feel like that the pressure is on them to do well. It usually is, but they can apply that lessons of pressure to every day life. It will make them stronger.

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