25 Really Weird Websites That Will Freak You Out

Posted by , Updated on January 23, 2024

The Internet is like a big jungle where garbage meets treasure, and it’s solely up to you to decide what company to keep. There are websites where you can get valuable information about many things and tons of knowledge coated with humor and entertainment such as List25. But of course there are many other sites that hide a darker and sometimes even sinister side. Some of these weird websites will make you laugh insanely, some might traumatize you, and some might even cause you to question your sanity. Nevertheless, we can promise you that any click on the following 25 really weird websites will be a unique experience.



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Some people like planes and some people just like watching other people. Well, we got good news for both types of people since there’s a supremely weird site that allows you to “spy” on every single plane flying right now in any part of the world. All you have to do is click the right flight or airport and who knows, you might be the one to solve the mystery behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.




This is a lovely website really but in a geeky and odd way, and it can be useful especially if you are having a bad day. So if you ever feel like screaming really loud at work but you can’t because you will get fired, just visit nooooooooooooooo.com, put your headphones on, click the button as many times as you like and let Darth Vader do the job for you.




This site is weird, no doubt about it, and its content is as macabre as it gets but at the same time the people behind it have a great sense of humor, know their facts, and seem to be highly intelligent (and weird, too). If you’re one of those (many) people who keep wondering when the end of the world will come and what it will look like, or you are fascinated by meteors, volcanoes, black holes, nukes, climatic shifts, and weird molecular disasters then this site will be right up your alley.




If you can’t see the mysterious, ambiguous resemblance between the first American black president in history and the crazy white dude who owns the site then something is wrong with your eyes, according to him. We don’t know if this dude is being serious or he’s just having fun but if some people have indeed convinced this dude that he somehow looks like Obama then something is very wrong with their minds and their eyes.




There’s no doubt that being a homophobic prick is just as bad as being a fascist, a racist, and possibly a fan of either Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj. However, the owner of this site has taken the whole thing to another level, to the point that we believe even if there was the equivalent of Al Sharpton in the gay community he would absolutely disagree with the purpose of this site. See, the theme of this site is to record on a daily basis every single homophobic thing that is said on Twitter and we can’t help but wonder: Is all this mess really necessary?



secret technology

Conspiracy theories about any kind of hi-tech, top-secret military weapon you could ever imagine, killer flues, plagues, diseases (call me Ebola), and any kind of secret, evil plans the governments around the world have used and will continue to use to exterminate massive numbers of people will be exposed on this site and simultaneously protect you from all the unknown disasters that are coming your way. The only thing you have to do is not take the website’s content seriously and you’ll be fine.




In 2009 the owner of this site had a life-changing experience that he still has a hard time explaining. See, the boss of this website mysteriously came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released, which made him believe that The Beatles never broke up and are still kicking it in a parallel universe or something like that. Crazy stuff, I’m telling you.




Truth be told any site that revolves around crazy conspiracy theories is doomed to be viewed as strange, odd, and creepy. We’re afraid that this is the case with this site as well. However, after giving an honest chance to this site you might just realize that it contains a good amount of compelling information. This is despite something like ninety-five percent of its content being hypothetical. Not a bad site overall, just a little too alternative.




This is a one hundred percent free dating and social networking site for zombies, zombie lovers, zombie haters, zombie groupies, and zombie survivalists among other related groups of people related to the undead. There’s nothing strange about this website whatsoever, right?




According to Alien Abductions, thousands and thousands (if not millions) of people have been abducted throughout history by aliens who continue to kidnap random people each year even if the news doesn’t tell you about it. Who do the aliens choose, and why haven’t they chosen you (or me) yet are some of the answers the site will provide you with, but keep in mind that once you join then you’re officially a UfOlogist, whatever that means?! Do they really give bachelor’s degrees and PhDs there?



future news

Who doesn’t like to learn all the big news first? Especially news coming from the future, right? News of future promises to tell you all you want to know about how the future will look in the next fifty years or so, and invites all the citizens of the world to take part in shaping it and making history.



Creepy Pasta

Creepypasta is quite popular and not that much of a weird as it is more on the creepy side of the Web. Creepypasta is in reality a compilation of many short stories that can be found elsewhere on the internet and its only purpose is to scare, shock, and freak out its readers. In a word, it’s the Internet’s attempt to lure you away from yet another tradition; those few remaining fellows who enjoy sitting around a campfire listening to spooky stories their grandma or parents like to share. We highly recommend it for Halloween night.




If you’re not the patient type then we would advise you to never visit this site because it will do to you exactly what it was designed for: piss you off to the point where you want to throw your laptop out the window of your fifth-floor apartment. For that matter, even if you’re the patient type but have a slow connection your nerves and tranquility will be seriously challenged as you will wait for almost a century and a day until this page fully loads.




This is the type of site that any student who’s looking for a good excuse not to go to college should visit. Seriously, if you’re the type of geek who hates clubs, girls, and sports and is constantly looking for the ultimate challenge in math, astrophysics, grammar, or even sanity, then you will mostly likely add this weird site to your Favorites list.




Even though many religious folks will see this one as a highly offensive piece of junk, the truth is that this attention-grabbing parody of a site that picks on religious freaks and fanatics can be really funny, even though we still can’t understand its purpose and utility.




This website is pretty self-explanatory since all you get here is what you ask for. Is it Christmas?  This website will give you a plain answer, a big fat no, except, of course, if you check it on December 25th. It is ideal for anyone with Alzheimer’s disease, no calendar on his laptop or in his house, and all the anxious peeps who can’t wait to see Santa climbing down their chimney once again. Umm, not!



Not Mensa (mockery

This parody site of the original Mensa club of people with significantly high IQs is the digital heaven for all those people who take pride in their lack of smarts and intellectual skill. So, if you consider yourself unintelligent enough to join the interplanetary society for the stupid who are also proud of their low IQs, all you have to do is join this club.




All right, so here’s one of the most brilliantly bizarre ideas one will probably ever find on the Internet: a site that will reassure you and confirm that your computer is on. Now how exactly anyone will ever manage to ensure their computers are actually off on this site is quite an impossibility seeing as you need to be on your computer to access the site to see if your computer is off.

Well, I guess this is just one of those mysteries to be added to the X-file pile that not even Einstein would have been able to solve.




I am not really too sure how to describe this site. Let’s say that on this site all you get is He-Man singing “What’s Up?” (HEYYEYAA) nonstop and the scariest part of all is that there are people on reddit who describe this as their favorite website, while others refer to this song as “Youtube’s National Anthem.” What can I say? It’s a strange world.




We’re not going to sugarcoat this one for you; this site is a weird, weird place that only the strangest or laziest of people will enjoy. Yeah, I might be a little harsh with my review of haneke.net but I have tried hard to understand its purpose (?) but then again it might be enjoyable for even normal people (yeah, right!) who love to pay way too much attention to little details or just fancy, complicated machinery or just have nothing better to do than stare at things. To each his own, I guess.




A man who sounds like Shaka Zulu or a shaman welcomes you to the site repeatedly or, to be more accurate, he welcomes you nonstop and reassures you that it will be another blessed day for you and you will be able to achieve every goal you’ve set simply because you’re awesome. So if you’re looking for motivation and you fancy voices with heavy African accents, this is the site for you to start your day off.




According to their own statement, the SCP Foundation operates clandestinely and worldwide, beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm to humankind.

The foundation operates to maintain normalcy, so that the global population can go on with their daily lives without fear, mistrust, or doubt in their personal beliefs, and to maintain human independence from extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, and other extra-normal influence. Umm, thanks I guess!




I really don’t know how to describe such a bizarre, absurd-looking site since I am unable of knowing whether the man (or woman) behind this site is mentally unstable and wants to mess with people’s heads or if they’re really a genius whom the vast majority of us can’t understand simply because we are not on their level. I’ve tried to go through it a couple of times, but I just couldn’t make it. Maybe you can.




A quick look at this site shows the owner’s bizarre obsession with the number 1 and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arguably one of the craziest sites there has ever been.




Things are simple and “normal” on this site, really. For a donation of $5 per word (with a five-word minimum), the guys in charge of this site will have telegrams delivered to people who have passed away. This is of course done with the help of terminally ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed, and this is how the site ended up with the name “afterlife telegram.”