25 Really Cool Facts About Russia You Might Not Know

Posted by , Updated on October 16, 2017


What comes to mind when you think of Russia? Tundra? Snow? Probably. But today we’re going to take a look at the Russia you’ve never seen before. Given that it’s the world’s biggest country, it has quite a bit of diversity within its borders. It’s not all snow and ice! These are 25 Really Cool Facts About Russia You Might Not Know.

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Lake Baikal contains more than one fifth of the world's unfrozen fresh water. Russia as a country contains one quarter of the world's unfrozen fresh water.

lake baikal

Russian bank notes have braille markings on them for blind people.


Russia's dialing code is 007.


The name of the Red Square doesn't actually have anything to do with communism. Its name is derived from the word "krasnyi," which means "beautiful."

red square

Remember Sochi? It hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics? Well, it can be found on the "Russian Riviera." And yes, it has palm trees.


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