25 Real Life Giants You Won’t Believe Exist

As the average height for a person falls somewhere between 5′, 7″ and 5′, 11″, giant humans might seem like something that you see only in movies. However, that is not the case as there are people out there who break the norm and are real life giants, sometimes growing close to 9″ tall. From giant skeletons to super tall men and women, here are 25 Real Life Giants You Won’t Believe Exist.

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Ella Ewing

EllaEwingSource: http://shsmo.org/historicmissourians

Ella was born in Missouri in 1872 and was the tallest woman of her generation. She was known as the Missouri Giantess and was an only child. Though she was often hurt by people gawking at her, she choose to become a tourist attraction at a Chicago museum and later Barnum & Bailey’s in order to help her parents financially. At 8′ 4″, her regular dresses required a whopping 24 yards of fabric to make. Eventually, she used her earnings from the circus to buy a small farm and have a house built to her measurements and bought one for her parents within walking distance.


John Rogan

John-RoganSource: https://blackthen.com

Rogan is the tallest African American ever recorded. Born in 1868 in Tennessee, he was of normal height, and his growth was normal until age 13 when he hit a massive growth spurt. His recorded height at his death was 8’8″.


Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus Augustus

Maximinus_Thrax_Musei_CapitoliniSource: http://www.historyrundown.com

The only Roman Emperor never to enter Rome was also a giant. Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus Augustus aka Maximinus Thrax aka emperor Maximinus I was born in Thrace, ruled 235-238, and stood at 8′ 1.7″


Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq)

Shaquille_O'Neal_Free_ThrowSource: http://www.thebrofessional.net

Basketball player and actor Shaquille O’Neal is possibly the most well know “Giant” of the century. He’s 7’1″, and also, supposedly, a really nice dude.


Sandy Allen

sandyallenSource: http://www.nytimes.com

Sandy Allen was the tallest woman in US history, at just a bit over 7’7″ tall. She was a very nice person who died in a convalescent home in her 50’s due to health problems. She told NYT writer Arianne Cohen during an interview that if she hadn’t grown so tall, “I probably would have gotten married, settled down, and had umpteen million kids.”

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