25 Real Historical People And Events That Almost Seem Fictional

You’ve probably learned a bit of history in high school or college. Maybe you thought it was just too boring to pay attention, but today we’re going to change that. There are some things that happened in our not-so-distant past that are just hard to believe. These include everything from some of the bloodiest uprisings in history to the fact that ketchup was at one point used as medicine.

It’s true what they say, if you don’t know history, you’re doomed to repeat it, and if we were to really repeat some of what has happened in the last several thousand years, that would be a massive step backwards for mankind. Therefore, in order to become better educated citizens, we at List25 have decided to review the most unbelievable and ridiculous points in our history and share them with you, our readers. In doing so, we are performing our civic duty to create a better world.

Okay, that was a bit overblown. We’re really just trying to brighten your day a little bit and give you something interesting to read. So, whether you’re a history buff or not, these are 25 Real Historical People And Events That Seem Almost Fictional!

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Featured Image: pixabay


Napoleon vs Bunnies

Napoleon vs BunniesImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

One of Napoleon’s biggest defeats was at the hands of fuzzy wuzzy bunny rabbits. Napoleon had suggested a rabbit hunt for his court, but as soon as the game keepers released the rabbits, they all turned on Napoleon. He retreated to his coach, but the rabbits were relentless. Apparently, the rabbits had mistaken his coach for that of their keeper, and they thought Napoleon was bringing them food.


Jimmy Carter vs Bunny

Jimmy Carter vs BunnyImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

President Carter was another world leader who had a run-in with rabbits. Well, it was actually just one rabbit. While out on a fishing trip, a large hare came swimming towards his boat, and he apparently tried shooing it away. The next day, headlines read “President Attacked By Rabbit.”


Civil War Spectators

Civil War SpectatorsImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

During the early battles of the American Civil War, the Union thought they would win so decisively that rich northerners would bring lunches and picnic on nearby hills as they watched the fighting. Needless to say, it was a bad idea.



HannibalImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

He took an army of elephants across the Alps, and if you’ve ever seen the Alps, you know why that is impressive. Although many died, enough made it to Rome to scare the daylights out of the Romans.



OwyheeImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

This is the original spelling of “Hawaii.” There are places in the Pacific Northwest with this name because they were explored by expeditions of which members were Hawaiian.

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