25 Rare Medical Conditions You Never Heard Of

From disorders that cause you to grow ridiculous amounts of hair to an uncurable disease that makes you smell like a fish these are 25 rare medical conditions you never heard of.

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Retired Husband Syndrome

rare medical disorders

A condition where a woman begins to exhibit signs of physical illness and depression as her husband reaches, or approaches, retirement.


Paris Syndrome

rare medical disorders

A psychiatric breakdown that especially tends to happen in Japanese tourists when the city of Paris doesn’t live up to its romanticized image. Apparently the Japanese embassy in Paris even has a hotline that visitors can call.


Truman Show Delusion

rare medical disorders

A person’s belief that they are the star of an imaginary reality show.


Mary Hart seizures

rare medical disorders

Epileptic seizures caused by hearing the exact pitch and tone of former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart’s voice. Yes, she really did cause some people to have seizures.


Laugh Syncope

rare medical disorders

The tendency to laugh so hard that you pass out.

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