25 Rainy Day Activities For Small Children

Every parent needs a few rainy day activities for small children up their sleeve. Because, let’s face it, parents dread rainy days. Keeping a child happy indoors usually feels impossible. It’s practically a full time job and takes patience and creativity to keep kids engaged and interested. When you are stuck inside, it may seem like there isn’t much to do. However, in this article, you will find that everyday ordinary household items, like toilet paper rolls and dishwashing soap, can be transformed into something fun. Here you will find 25 rainy day activities for small children.




Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls make the best houses and towers. Paint them different colors and help the kids cut out doors on each building. You can add paper roofs and windows to give them more elements to color.


Name that song

raise hand

This works best when you play soundtracks to the children’s favorite movies or television shows. Have the kids raise their hand when they know the name of the song. Who ever guesses correctly gets a small treat or a prize.


Make a Pizza


The kids will have fun creating their own pizza. All you will need is some dough, tomato sauce cheese and toppings. Pre-cutting each topping will make it easier for the kids to just sprinkle it on.


Jump in puddles

rain boots

When you’ve done everything you can possibly think of indoors, sometimes it’s best to venture outdoors. If it’s not too bad outside, that is. Equip everyone with a good raincoat and rain boots and jump in a few puddles.


Ballon valleyball


All you need is a few blown up balloons. This will get the kids active. You’ll have them running around trying to keep the balloon afloat. Adding more balloons will just add to the fun!

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