25 Rainy Day Activities For Small Children

Posted by , Updated on November 28, 2022

Every parent needs a few rainy day activities for small children up their sleeve. Because, let’s face it, parents dread rainy days. Keeping a child happy indoors usually feels impossible. It’s practically a full time job and takes patience and creativity to keep kids engaged and interested. When you are stuck inside, it may seem like there isn’t much to do. However, in this article, you will find that everyday ordinary household items, like toilet paper rolls and dishwashing soap, can be transformed into something fun. Here you will find 25 rainy day activities for small children.


Build a Fort


Gather as many blankets and pillows as you can and build a fort in your living room. Use chairs and other furniture to help keep the structure up. If you would like, you can add sleeping bags to entice the kids into taking a mid day nap.


Sensory Games


Cut a hole in a shoe box big enough to fit a small hand. Place items like play dough, slim, a hair brush or a stuffed animal inside. Let the kids take turns guessing what is hiding inside the box. You can also let the kids decorate the box with paint or markers.




Playing with bubbles is another activity where paper towels rolls or toilet paper rolls come in handy. Adding water to dishwashing soap will make the perfect bubble mixture. Place the mixture on a plate and start blowing bubbles. See who can blow the biggest bubble.



Indoor bowling will work best in your kitchen or living room. Line up empty water bottles or paper towel rolls and grab a small or medium sized bouncy ball and start playing. To make the game a little harder you can add water to the bottles or place the paper towel rolls on top of each other.


Make Slime


The process of actually making the slime and playing with the slime will keep the kids occupied for hours. The best part is it only takes three ingredients. Make sure you have a bottle of 6 oz glue, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 1/2 TBSP of Contact Lens Solution.  You can always add glitter or food dye if you want to add color.




Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls make the best houses and towers. Paint them different colors and help the kids cut out doors on each building. You can add paper roofs and windows to give them more elements to color.


Name that song

raise hand

This works best when you play soundtracks to the children’s favorite movies or television shows. Have the kids raise their hand when they know the name of the song. Who ever guesses correctly gets a small treat or a prize.


Make a Pizza


The kids will have fun creating their own pizza. All you will need is some dough, tomato sauce cheese and toppings. Pre-cutting each topping will make it easier for the kids to just sprinkle it on.


Jump in puddles

rain boots

When you’ve done everything you can possibly think of indoors, sometimes it’s best to venture outdoors. If it’s not too bad outside, that is. Equip everyone with a good raincoat and rain boots and jump in a few puddles.


Ballon valleyball


All you need is a few blown up balloons. This will get the kids active. You’ll have them running around trying to keep the balloon afloat. Adding more balloons will just add to the fun!


Paint boiled eggs

Paint boiled eggshttps://shewearsmanyhats.com/perfect-deviled-eggs-recipe

It doesn’t have to be easter to paint boiled eggs. All it takes is a dozen boiled eggs and either some food coloring, paint or markers for hours of fun. When you are done you can make delved eggs for a yummy mid-day snack.


Practice spelling with bean


Bring out the baking beans and let the kids practice the alphabet on the kitchen floor. Line up the beans in order to spell simple words or use them for counting. Make sure you tell the kids the beans are not edible.


Photo Albums

photo album

Kids love looking at pictures. Show them pictures of what Mom and Dad use to look like when they where little. Telling them stories and going back in time is a great way to entertain the kids on a rainy day.


Read a book


Reading allows children to use their imagination. With the world at our fingertips it’s easier than every to get ahold of children books online. Magickeys.com offers free stories riddles and quizzes.


Make a Newspaper

Kid News Paper

The kitchen table can be your newsroom. Talk with each child to decide which one will be in charge of drawing pictures and who will be conducting the interviews. They can interview a neighbor or a grandparent. Then you can choose which story gets to go on the front page. You will need paper, pens, glue and ribbon to put together your family newspaper.


Color, Paint or Draw


If you do not have any coloring books, have no fear! There are some awesome printable coloring sheets available online. Crayola offers free coloring pages with categories to choose from, like Disney Channel, Plants and Animals or Words and Letters.




Whether it’s making cookies, cakes, brownies, or pies, baking with the family is always a good idea. Let the kids help you in the process. To make it easier for the little ones, pre-measure the ingredients into small containers so all they have to do is toss it in.


Scavenger hunt

Treasure Hunthttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368891/

To get everyone in the mood beforehand, I suggest watching the PG rated movie, National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. Then put on a treasure hunt of your own. Leave a few clues and riddles laying around. If you have Easter eggs left over from April, hide a few golden eggs filled with treats.


Dance battle


Most recently popularized by the video game “Fortnite.” Dance battles have been going viral. Have the kids practice their best moves before they go into battle. To make it more interesting, create a fun reward for the winner.


Tea Party

tea party

Tea and crumpets are not only for the British elite. Dress in your best outfits and become royals for the afternoon. Pinky’s up while you sip on your tea or coffee. Finger food like cookies and mini sandwiches would be the perfect snack for the occasion.


Karaoke Concert


Blast some of the kids favorite music and have a fun karaoke concert. If there is more than one child make sure they each get their time to shine. Take turns singing some of your favorite songs.


Puppet Show

Puppet show

You are bound to have some questionable socks laying around. You know, the ones that have a few holes in but still seem to do the trick. Put those socks to use and let the kids glue silly eyes to them. Old socks make the best puppet characters.


Pretend the floor is lava


Reminisce on all of you of your old favorite past times. Place some pillows on the floor and pretend the floor is lava. Hop around from couch to cushions seeing who can safely making it to the safety zones.


Write letters


There is nothing more classic than a hand written letter. Grab some pens and paper and help the little ones write a letter to out of town family and friends.


Put on a fashion show.

Fashion Show

You may or may not already have a messy closet, so why not let the kids rummage through your clothes? Let them try on fun ridiculous outfits. Turn up the tunes and let the fashion show begin!

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