25 Quirky Nikola Tesla Facts You’ll Want To Know

Did you know that a lot of today’s technology was developed by an eccentric nerd? His name was Nikola Tesla and for a long time he didn’t get much recognition. His more entrepreneurial counterparts got rich off their inventions while Tesla remained poor. He was a fascinating character though. These are 25 Quirky Nikola Tesla Facts You’ll Want To Know.


He was born during a lightning storm. (July 9, 1856)

stormSource: pbs.org

Tesla was something of an environmentalist, which is why he studied ways to get natural energy from the ground and air.

windmillSource: nationalgeographic.com

Although he had quite famous friends, Tesla himself was never all that rich or famous. His more entrepreneurial colleagues experienced more success (like Thomas Edison).

TeslaSource: mentalfloss.com

Tesla was really good at playing pool and was even known to hustle people.

billiardsSource: pbs.org

Tesla initially worked for Thomas Edison on direct current generators. He later quit to pursue his own idea - an alternating current induction motor. This led to what some have dubbed the "Current Wars."

electricitySource: teslasociety.com

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