25 Profound Observations That Will Mess With Your Brain

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If you stop for a second, you might start to have profound observations about everyday things. For example, you might start to notice how no one knows what it’s like to be a baby. You might also notice that at one point, you were the youngest person alive. It’s possible that you might even notice the fact that your dog could be smarter than you! Take the challenge. Stop for a second and check out these 25 profound observations that will mess with your brain.


Your car keys have traveled more than your car

keysSource: xshareddx via reddit

You think you're unique until you have to choose a username

loginSource: High_as_red via reddit

When Sweden is playing Denmark, it is SWE-DEN. The remaining letters, not used, is DEN-MARK.

denmark and swedenSource: vestergaard92 via reddit

Your dog understands at least a few human words. We don’t understand any dog barks. They might be smarter than us.

dogSource: RAYMOND_SCOTT via reddit

Earth could very well be like one of those uncontacted tribes in South America. The whole galaxy knows we’re here but they’ve agreed to leave us alone until we figure it out for ourselves.

starsSource: jimbojonesFA via reddit

Taxes are like a subscription to your country that you can’t cancel now matter how bad the service gets.

taxSource: Filer93 via reddit

We shouldn’t be scared of a computer passing the Turing Test. We should be scared of a computer intentionally failing it… (note: the Turing Test is a test of intelligence for a computer. If a computer passes it successfully, it basically means that a human would be unable to distinguish the intelligence of the computer from the intelligence of another human)

computerSource: wikipedia

If you are 24 years old, you’ve been around for 10% of American history

american historySource: shamelessquestion via reddit

If you go to jail for tax evasion, you’re living off of taxes for not paying taxes.

jailSource: Senor_Ita via reddit

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You experience life with a delay. Signals take time to reach your brain from your eyes, tongue, and skin. Moreover, light and sound waves already had to take some time to reach you in the first place. Basically, everything you experience already happened.


If you're over 30, you were alive before every dog in the world.

dogSource: jleonardbc via reddit

Most of the adults who told you that Wikipedia was an unreliable source now use viral Facebook posts to get their news

fake newsSource: Sharplynormal via reddit

Clapping is just hitting yourself because you like something

Clapping child with bow tieSource: blueboybob via reddit

Is the “s” or the “c” in scent silent?

scentSource: MaggehG via reddit

"DO NOT TOUCH" would probably be a really unsettling thing to read in braille.

brailleSource: Air_Hellair via reddit

Graham’s number is so big that if you memorized it, your brain would collapse into a black hole (this is due to the fact that you would require an effectively infinite number of neurons to be packed into your head. And at that level of density your brain would simply collapse into a black hole).

black holeSource: wikipedia

There is a non-zero chance that a tornado could rip through a junk yard and assemble a fully functional BMW

tornadoSource: wirebodie via reddit

All of the planets in the solar system would fit between the Earth and Moon...with room to spare

planetsSource: space.com

If you sat on a voodoo doll of yourself, would you be able to stand up?

question markSource: SephsRevenge via reddit

At one point you were the youngest person on Earth. And you will also be the last person to die in your lifetime

earthSource: TacticalCanine via reddit

Everyone used to be an infant, but nobody knows what it’s like to be one

babySource: -LifeOnHardMode- via reddit

It is a slightly arresting notion that if you were to pick yourself apart with tweezers, one atom at a time, you would produce a mound of fine atomic dust, none of which had ever been alive but all of which had once been you.

dustSource: Bill Bryson

The word OK is a stick figure lying on its back

okSource: racinggerbils via reddit

After all these years, the pool on the deck of the Titanic is still full of water

titanicSource: AlphaQUp_Bish via reddit

If you tear a fishing net...it has less holes

fish netSource: SundayMorningPJs via reddit

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